Overwatch 2 Genji Guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and More

Welcome to our Overwatch 2 Genji guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more, a Ranged Assassin in Heroes of the Storm. Inside these pages, you will find everything expected to understand how best to play this legend, in both different guide styles and group sytheses.

Genji is a profoundly versatile gone Assassin whose unit likewise comprises of hazardous scuffle parts permitting him to rapidly run all through battle. While his inborn wellbeing pool is very low, which makes him defenseless to foe swarm control capacities, he has a few break systems that permit him to get away from hazardous circumstances. In the event that you are searching for a difficult high gamble high prize Hero with precarious cooldown reset mechanics, Genji is the ideal decision for you.

Overwatch 2 Genji guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

Overwatch 2 Genji Guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and More

The Shuriken Build centers principally around capitalizing on your Shingan Icon Shingan ability. The way to playing this form is to be as close as possible to your adversary target, shotgunning your shurikens to set off Shingan. Zanshin Icon Zanshin considers forceful ongoing interaction to polish off focuses in close battle. In the event that you can’t finish Zanshin any time soon, or on the other hand, assuming you favor cooldown decrease on your Heroic Ability, Living Weapon Icon Living Weapon is an extraordinary decision, as well.

All Genji capacities

  • Passives
  • Like other Damage legends, exchanging between characters in the class will keep up with up to 30% of your Ultimate charge.
  • Genji can likewise ascend walls and twofold leap.
  • Divert (Ability 1)
  • Genji takes out a sword and diverts approaching shots before him where he is pointed. It additionally impedes skirmish assaults.
  • Quick Strike (Ability 2)
  • Run forward while slicing foes in your way. Getting any disposals will reset the cooldown.
  • Dragonblade (Ultimate)
  • Genji unsheathes a sword that essentially harms anybody in scope of his cuts. He can consolidate this with his different capacities.

Overwatch 2 Genji guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

Like slicing through silk

Genji has three different harm vendors: Shuriken (right-click), Fan of Blades (left-snap), and his sword. You’ll cause the greater part of your harm with Genji utilizing his shurikens. The essential fire conveys three shurikens Play Minecraft Classic Unblocked, each straight in succession. Every shot causes 28 harm. Enthusiast of Blades causes a similar harm, yet the shurikens have a more extensive spread. The right-click is normally more exact at long reach, while Fan of Blades is ideal to have when you’re in a foe’s face.


Genji is a mind blowing versatile legend that can bargain a ton of harm, and one reason for his harm capacities is Swift Strike. This is a capacity that permits him to run forward and bargain 50 harm to anything he goes through. Quick Strike has a 8 seconds cooldown, yet what makes it so perilous is that its CD can be reset on the off chance that Genji disposes of an objective. Obviously, you can either kill some or take part in killing and you will compensated with a disposal.

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