How to Bounty Hunt in Weird West

This article is about How to bounty hunt in Weird West. Covered your irons. Exchanged them for an ordinary life. Tonight, however, that is all going to change. Destiny’s callin’- and it ain’t takin’ no for a response.
Pick a digging tool in the outbuilding then, at that point, go to the tree close to the shooting reach to uncover the bounty hunter gear. Pass on Bell Stead and travel to Grackle. On the way, Jane will be gone after by a couple of Coyotes. Dispatch them, plunder any essential things and continue to Grackle.

How to Bounty Hunt in Weird West

Stage one, you want to acknowledge the bounty. Each town in the game has symbols to listen for a minute’s accessible there – a crosshair indicates a bounty board. Whenever this is orange, it implies there are new bounties to gather. Head into town and really look at the board to see. There can really depend on three criminals to find, and you can acknowledge as numerous as you need.

How to bounty hunt in Weird West

There are time limits on bounties, so observe how far you’ll have to go for every one. The criminal’s area will be set apart on your guide after accepting the bounty. Fortunately as far as possible stops once the criminal is dead or captured. You will not generally have a decision to bring them in any condition, however you frequently will. In the event that you intend to go in firearms blazing, just barge into the hideaway and have at it. You’ll have the option to steal from the evidence of your kill off of the posse manager’s body.

How to finish Wanted Bounties

You’ll gain admittance to Wanted Bounties in Weird West after you’re finished with your first significant undertaking: finding hints regarding your better half’s whereabouts in Greenwood Run. When you return to the town of Grackle, you’ll see that the inhabitants are back and the shops are just getting started. Assuming you advance toward the sheriff’s office, you’re told that you’ll have the option to pick your objectives.


The primary episode of Weird West sees you play as an ex-bounty hunter called Jane Bell, who’s pushed once again into the life after her significant other is seized, and her homestead annihilated by the Stillwater posse. It goes about as an introductory episode to the mechanics and general feel of the world and is the most ‘ordinary’ contrasted with what follows, which truly dive profound into the weirdness of this dream western setting.

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Episode two places you into the shoes of an as of late turned Pigman, who are individuals who’ve been reviled by a vindictive witch and compelled to use the remainder of their days covered in the tissue of a hoard. You’re one of only a handful of exceptional who can talk however, and you’ll spend the episode trying to find out what your identity and prompted your terrible conditions.

How to bounty hunt in Weird West

Quite often Use Cover In Firefights

Before one of your first shootouts, the game lets you know how to utilize cover. However, the game doesn’t exactly introduce itself as a cover shooter. All things considered, adversaries and colleagues frequently go around in the open while fighting. Be that as it may, you ought to as a rule try not to join in on the disarray. In some cases it’s fine, yet frequently you will lose wellbeing rapidly.

Hunt Outlaws For Bounties

One of the main ways of making cash that fits the wild west best is hunting outlaws for bounties. Visit the board outside the Sheriff’s building to conclude what bounty you need to take on. You’ll have a couple of decisions each with various prizes. I typically snatch the most noteworthy one since I’m in it for the cash.

Hunting criminals can be a tomfoolery wellspring of content in the event that you’re not in a hurry. Depending on how you need to play, you can go in firearms blazing or unobtrusively and catch your objective. Bringing back a bounty alive will pay out additional, however it can take more time. I find that early bounties will generally pay out somewhere in the range of $100 to $200.

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