Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Switch Cheat Codes

This page contains a rundown of cheats and other insider facts for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Switch Cheat Codes. Utilize these cheat codes to open various characters, outfits, or enhancements in the Nintendo Switch rendition of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is currently accessible on the Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV, and fans who were around the last part of the ’00s could perceive this variant of the game as it’s a port of the Wii form of The Force Unleashed.

This implies that the cheat codes from the Wii form actually work in the Switch variant of The Force Unleashed, with the special reward of having the option to utilize the Switch’s console capacity to rapidly compose the codes, rather than expecting to go through each letter/number all together.

There are various cheat codes that can be utilized in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Nintendo Switch, enabling players to change the involvement with an assortment of ways. For sure, fans can utilize codes to open characters and outfits, increment the force of their lightsabers, and even enact god mode. This guide contains a total rundown of these Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Switch Cheat Codes, and it will likewise give subtleties on how they are to be placed.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Switch Cheat Codes

When the player approaches their boat, they can include cheat codes. The player enters a first-individual view within the boat, and they need to turn left or right until they arrive at the Extras menu. The Switch Cheat Codes menu can be seen as here. These are the cheat codes for The Force Unleashed:

  • AAYLA – Unlocks the Aayla Secura ensemble
  • Assistant – Unlocks the Asajj Ventress outfit
  • BENKENOBI – Unlocks the Ben Kenobi outfit
  • CHOSENONE – Unlocks the Anakin Skywalker outfit
  • CORTOSIS – Makes the player resistant to all harm
  • COUNTDOOKU – All combos expanded to the greatest level
  • DANTOOINE – Unlocks the Ceremonial Jedi Robes ensemble
  • DREXLROOSH – Unlocks the Drexl Roosh ensemble
  • Obscure – Unlocks the Juno Eclipse outfit
  • GRANDMOFF – Unlocks all ensembles
  • HIDDENFEAR – Unlocks the Darth Phobos ensemble
  • HOLOCRON – Unlocks the Sith Robes ensemble
  • 3D image – Unlocks the Proxy outfit
  • INTHEDARK – Unlocks the Shadow Trooper ensemble
  • ITSATWAP – Unlocks the Admiral Ackbar ensemble
  • JEDIMASTER – Unlocks the Mace Windu ensemble
  • KATARN – All Force powers expanded to the most extreme level
  • KLEEF – Unlocks the Kleef ensemble
  • KORRIBAN – Unlocks the Sith Stalker Armor ensemble
  • Army – Unlocks the 501st Legion ensemble
  • LIGHTSABER – Greatly increments lightsaber harm
  • MANDALORE – Unlocks the General Rahm Kota ensemble
  • MARAJADE – Unlocks the Mara Jade ensemble
  • MARISBROOD – Unlocks the Maris Brood ensemble
  • Free thinker – Unlocks the Qui Gon Jinn ensemble
  • NERFHERDER – Unlocks the Han Solo ensemble
  • NOTIMO – Unlocks the Chop’aa Notimo ensemble
  • PAUAN – Unlocks the Darth Desolous ensemble
  • PALPATINE – Unlocks the Emperor Palpatine ensemble
  • SECURA – Unlocks the Twi’lek ensemble
  • Blackguard – Unlocks the Lando Calrissian ensemble
  • SERENNO – Unlocks the Count Dooku outfit
  • SHOCKTROOP – Unlocks the Heavy Trooper outfit
  • SITHLORD – Unlocks the Darth Vader outfit
  • SPEEDER – Recevie 1,000,000 Force Points
  • STORMTROOP – Unlocks the Navy Commando outfit
  • T16WOMPRAT – Unlocks the Luke Skywalker outfit
  • TK421 – Unlocks the Classic Stormtrooper outfit
  • TOGRUTA – Unlocks the Shaak Ti outfit
  • TYRANUS – Unlocks all Force powers
  • WOOKIE – Unlocks the Kento’s Robe outfit
  • VERGENCE – Grants limitless Force power
  • YELLOWJCKT – Unlocks the Yavin Luke ensemble
  • ZABRAK – Unlocks the Darth Maul ensemble

Switch Cheat Codes

Obviously the engineers had a good time with these cheat codes, particularly the one for the Admiral Ackbar outfit. Now that The Force Unleashed is on the Switch, the player can take on the appearance of a wide range of characters from the Star Wars establishment. When an ensemble is opened, visit Proxy on the boat to change the outfit for Starkiller. It’s more straightforward to simply utilize the Switch Cheat Codes straight away and open them all, rather than composing them in individually and looking for an outfit that the player likes.

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