Is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV

This article is about Is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV. Kingdom Hearts 4’s official announcement on Sunday was relatively light on details. We realize that a more adult Sora, along with Donald and Goofy, will be back for an all-new adventure that will launch another story arc.

We realize that Sora will battle the Heartless in the Quadratum, and at least one semi-new character, Strelizia, will play a job.

Is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV

Goodness, and Sora may finally visit a galaxy far, far away, based on a potential piece of information in the presentation trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4.

Is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV

As of this writing, there is no substantial confirmation that Kingdom Hearts IV will feature a world spun around Star Wars. That being said, individuals are pointing to a particular segment of the game’s reveal trailer as a potential hint that the Ewoks are coming.

During a cutaway from the city where the trailer generally centers, Quadratum, we see a timberland area with a stream moving through it. In a fast glance at this area, we get a brief look at some sort of metal leg that might actually be holding up an AT-ST. Comparing the waterfall area to a site from Star Wars: Battlefront II also looks basically the same as Endor.

Should Kingdom Hearts 4 Include Marvel

Square Enix as of late released a special twentieth anniversary trailer for upcoming Kingdom Hearts games. At the halfway mark, the video divulged the news almost every audience part was expecting/hoping for: Kingdom Hearts 4. The final half of the anniversary trailer then dedicates time to showcasing the modernized world of Quadratum and Sora’s new photorealistic look.

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Notwithstanding, before the video leaps to Quadratum and Sora, the trailer displays clasps of a backwoods. On one hand, these scenes assist with demonstrating the kinds of graphics gamers can anticipate from Kingdom Hearts 4, thanks to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, yet a few watchers are convinced the scenes actually tease an upcoming Star Wars world.

Could Star Wars really come to Kingdom Hearts 4?

The image that sparked this is of what seems to be the foot of an AT-ST. This obviously is a famous vehicle from the Star Wars franchise, with a rather distinct look. It’s particular to the point that even a tiny piece of it is easily recognizable. Several Twitter clients have already shared a lot of images regarding this, and it appears to be convincing. It also makes a ton of sense, as this is something that fans have talked about for quite a long time.

Will we finally visit a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts 4

Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise when it purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas back in 2012. Be that as it may, this was not long before Kingdom Hearts 3, the latest main passage in the franchise was reveal in summer 2013. More likely than not, the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 were already determined and being dealt with before the acquisition was even announced. So we unfortunately, never got the Star Wars hybrid that we’ve so lengthy wanted.

Is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV

Pirates of the Caribbean

Each game in the series features several Disney-themed worlds to play through, with Kingdom Hearts 3 including properties like Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and Toy Story.

Neither Star Wars nor Marvel – two of Dinsey’s greatest franchises – have appeared in Kingdom Hearts games previously, and neither one of the designers Square Enix or Disney itself has affirmed assuming this will be the case in future.

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