How to Complete the Magic Hunter Mastery in Guild Wars 2

Here, You will find out How to complete the Magic Hunter Mastery in Guild Wars 2. Situated on a little island at the Western boundary of Skimshallow Cove (Northwest Green Island).
Skimmer mastery Ride the Wind is suggested. You can, however, jump on a little plant close to the stage until you can utilize your Springer.

Situated close to Godslost Sandfalls in the north of the guide. West of the top entry of the Map from the Crystal Oasis.
Skimmer mastery Ride the Wind is required.

How to complete the Magic Hunter Mastery in Guild Wars 2

How to Complete the Magic Hunter Mastery in Guild Wars 2

The Elon Riverlands has many secret insider facts and many secret Achievements. To complete the guide altogether, you’ll need to gain the Mastery Insight Points spread around different regions. One of these, the Magic Hunter Mastery Insight Point, is locked behind an assortment based accomplishment that expects players to chase Unstable Magic Nodes across the guide. These blue floating circles are dispersed through various regions, requiring other Mounts to obtain sometimes.

Starting the Achievement

You’ll have to make a beeline for the uncovering site on the guide, situated in the Scavengelands . Be that as it may, first, you’ll need to find Researcher Raizza, an Asura arranged at the edge of the sand trap. Address them and pick the main choice to begin the Achievement.

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The Quickmire

Travel south from Node 5 down into The Quickmire. This region is loaded up with a sand trap, so you’ll need to utilize a Skimmer or a Skyscale to arrive at the Node. There are Sand Sharks around, however you can keep away from them depending on the situation.

Whispering Grottos

In the focal office of Whispering Grottos. You really want to drop down to the water/grotto beneath and afterward bounce up to the focal island/chamber.

Where To Find The Juvenile White Tiger

You’ll find it in the cold mountains in the far northwest, resting under certain trees. It’s a tiny bit of touch south of the Tengu Alpine Camp; you’ll likely notification it en route to gather the Mastery Point that is accessible there.

Where To Find The Juvenile Siege Turtle

To find a Juvenile Siege Turtle, you’ll have to go to the southeastern piece of Dragon’s End. Look out for the Juno Hatchery Point of Interest, which is in the same place as Canthans raising Siege Turtles. You can engage one of them at the pools north and south of the incubation facility, inasmuch as the ‘Rout the Void attacking Juno Hatchery’ occasion during the guide meta isn’t dynamic.

How to complete the Magic Hunter Mastery in Guild Wars 2

End of Dragons

Mythical serpents, giant Lovecraftian-esque elements that have held onto control of Tyria in the time since the original Guild Wars (2005), a plot line that was deduced in the most recent extension End of Dragons (2022). The game happens in a relentless world with a story that advances in instanced conditions.

Monster Mastery

Officers are the main calling that might bring along a committed pet. A large portion of the abilities found in this property are exclusively for increasing the power and survivability of the officer’s pet, several capacities benefit both you and the pet. Moreover, just increasing the position raises the base harm and basic hit possibility of the pet. However, should the officer decide not to bring a pet, there are a couple of abilities in this trait that can be utilized.

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