Where to Find The Four Belfries towers in Elden Ring

This article is about Where to find The Four Belfries towers in Elden Ring. The Four Belfries is a named areas in Elden Ring that players can find in the Liurnia locale. This area highlights four huge towers. Three of the towers have teleporters on them while one tower has a chest. Assuming you are wondering where these teleporters go to, this guide is for you. Underneath I will walk your through the Elden Ring The Four Belfries area.

Where to Find The Four Belfries towers in Elden Ring

To find The Four Belfries, you’ll have to advance toward the Liurnia district, the north of Stormveil Castle. After this, make a beeline for the north until you arrive at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. When there, or near it, continue to the northwest, and The Four Belfries towers will be on an enormous slope. You can likewise get to this area by going to the west of the Lake-Face Cliffs, and following that way, to the Folly on the Lake and the Converted Tower site of graces, prior to heading north.

Where to find The Four Belfries towers in Elden Ring

Advance up the slope, and you’ll find The Four Belfries site of effortlessness at the foundation of the principal tower. Three of the towers include Waygates that you can get to, yet provided that you have an Imbued Sword Key, and you can obtain one of these keys at the top, near the foundation of the greatest tower.

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Raya Lucaria Academy Imbued Sword Key Location

The second Imbued Sword Key can be found at the Raya Lucaria Academy simply a brief distance to the east of The Four Belfries. You can see its definite area on the guide above. To arrive at it, transport to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. You will open this Site of Grace automatically subsequent to defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon chief. Leave the building to the north as though you were heading toward Rennala.

When you arrive at the yard, turn left and move up the rubble at the far divider. Then, continue up the steps past the enchantment casting foes and hop over the rail to one side onto the steps underneath. Continue up the short stairway and turn left around the bend past one more enchantment casting foe. Get around the railing to the rooftop underneath.

Where to get an Imbued Sword Key in Elden Ring

There’s three towers with magically transport doors, and three keys. That’s all there is to it! Along these lines, not at all like Stonesword keys, you don’t really have a lot of decision here. Furthermore, you can obtain every one of the three Imbued Sword Keys from generally right off the bat – you just need admittance to Caelid and Liurnia of the Lakes, the two of which can be visited from the second you gain admittance to Torrent and even before you beat Margit the Fell, assuming that you’re so inclined.

The Imbued Sword Key of Raya Lucaria Academy

The following Imbued Stone Key thing is found on the rooftops of the Raya Lucaria Academy, the inheritance prison that dominates the region Liurnia of the Lakes. This is home to Rennala, one of the rulers that you want to overcome in request to take their Great Rune and Remembrance. She’s additionally helpful as she opens character respec choices. Assuming you’re right off the bat in the game, notwithstanding, you don’t have to finish the prison – simply make it midway.

Instructions to Get Back To The Starting Area

The “Four Belfries” region is situated on a high edge northwest of the Academy in Liurna of the Lakes. The spire has four “belfries” – three have entries, and one contains a key.

How The Four Belfries Works: To initiate the entry, you really want to utilize an Imbued Sword Key. There are three total in the game.

Where to find The Four Belfries towers in Elden Ring

  • Pervaded Sword Key: Located in the secret area of Nokron, Eternal City.
  • Saturated Sword Key: In the rafters over the Cuckoo Church in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
  • Saturated Sword Key: Found in a chest at the top of the Four Belfries region – the most noteworthy steeple.

Where do The Four Belfries Teleporters Go

  1. Crumbling Farum Azula: End game area.
  2. Nokron, Eternal City: Takes you to the far off tower in the southeast. Can find the Mottled Necklace charm here.
  3. Church of Anticipation: Tutorial region. Permits you to battle the Grafted Scion again.
  4. Chest: The fourth tower has a chest. This chest contains an Imbued Sword Key.
  5. That is all you really want to be familiar with The Four Belfries named area. This area is interesting to visit in the event that you need to various areas you may not get to differently.

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