How to Use Controller on PUBG Mobile

In this article we will show you How to Use Controller on PUBG Mobile. Mobile gaming has moved forward. Blockbuster titles that were beforehand accessible only on PCs have opened up on mobile gadgets, and PUBG can be considered as a real part of the best of such titles.

Tencent Games has been overwhelming the mobile gaming experience with its multiplayer famous games, PUBG mobile and Call Of Duty mobile. Players from everywhere the globe have been on this game since the lockdown started.

The players have been constantly posing a ton of inquiries about the game. They have been attempting various strategies like utilizing apparatuses, controllers and even PC emulators to dominate the game. Peruse more with regards to PUBG Mobile.

How to Use Controller on PUBG Mobile

Since PUBG Mobile doesn’t offer authority support for controllers, you’ll have to use a keymapper application. These applications configure controller buttons to match in-game actions, which is useful for games, for example, PUBG Mobile that don’t uphold controllers.

How to Use Controller on PUBG Mobile

Numerous keymapper applications on the App Store are obsolete, meaning they probably won’t work as expected with PUBG Mobile. However, there’s one that is still modern: ShootingPlus.

This is the way to set up the application to empower playing PUBG Mobile with a controller on your iPhone:

  • Download ShootingPlus from the App Store and introduce the application.
  • Connect the controller to your iPhone.
  • Send off ShootingPlus.
  • Adhere to the instructions to set up the orders.
  • Use the ShootingPlus application to send off PUBG Mobile.

This technique will permit you to play PUBG Mobile with a controller on your iPhone. However, you’ll only have the option to do as such on the off chance that you send off the game by means of ShootingPlus. Assuming you start PUBG Mobile on its own, the keybinds you’ve made won’t make a difference.

Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller

The Elite Series 2 is a fantastic decision for a Xbox One controller to use on a phone. The original of controllers previously offered a quality Pad. This second version is totally craftable according to an equipment perspective. A controller that takes care of business and that we strongly suggest.

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The Xbox Series X Controller

The Xbox Series X from Microsoft addresses the most recent generation of Xbox controllers. The little in addition to of this controller is its extraordinary reactivity and its awesome Bluetooth connectivity. Nothing to say about its ergonomics, very thoroughly examined.

Steps How to Use Controller on PUBG Mobile

  • Download an application called Octopus
  • Pick the gadget to connect and play PUBG Mobile with (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse)
  • Click on connect the gadget
  • A little instruction cushion will show how to connect your gamepad with your phone and afterward send off PUBG Mobile with the Octopus
  • Players can likewise customize their gamepad controls as per their loving

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support?

PUBG Mobile doesn’t uphold Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS gadgets. There are ways of getting around this with specific modules and gadgets, however these are not formally upheld and may get your record restricted.

How to Use Controller on PUBG Mobile

However, there is one method for playing PUBG Mobile with a controller. Simply load it up on your PC utilizing a PUBG Mobile PC emulator like Tencent Gaming Buddy or Bluestacks. These applications permit you to completely customize inputs with the goal that you can use any PC game controller or mouse and console. Note that playing on an emulator will coordinate you with other emulator players, regardless of whether gathered with companions on mobile. This might put you and your group in a tough spot.

How would you be able to play PUBG Mobile with a controller on Android gadgets?

Most Bluetooth controllers locally work on Android gadgets and upheld games. PUBG Mobile doesn’t authoritatively uphold some other information techniques other than its touchscreen controls, yet you can in any case play with your controller by introducing a keymapper application.

Note that utilizing a third application like this will cause PUBG Mobile to distinguish you as an emulator player, significance you’ll only have the option to match against other emulator users.

For PC

To play PUBG on a PC utilizing a controller, you need to just introduce the emulators and introduce the PUBG mobile on the emulator. Bluestacks or Memu are as of now the most well known ones for playing pubg on pc utilizing mouse and console. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the authority emulator for playing PUBG mobile on pc.

Pretty much every controller will automatically be identified by emulators when you connect to pc.

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