How To Get Rust Worn Key in Genshin Impact

Get Rust Worn Key in Genshin Impact one of them will involve dropping down inside an old well where they will find a little cavern framework.

It is in this cavern framework that players can find the Rust-Worn Key. To begin with, players should finish a riddle and battle a strong foe. From that point onward, they will actually want to interact with a Thunder Sakura Bough in the rear of the cavern, and move up the back wall to an Electro obstruction. The Thunder Sakura Bough will permit them to go through it, into a more modest room at the back.

In this room, players will find a lot of plunder. Including a blue table that has the Rust-Worn Key on it. The Key is significant as it opens up an entryway close to a little lake outside Konda Village that players should get through for another mission. In the wake of opening the door with the Rust Worn Key. Players will likewise find an Oculus, so ensure you get it to have the option to give it to a Statue of the Seven in Inazuma.

How To Get Rust Worn Key in Genshin Impact

How To Get Rust Worn Key in Genshin Impact

The Rust Worn Key is one more collectible thing in Genshin Impact. Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 Error As of late, Genshin Impact introduced Inazuma. Another city where players can investigate, take on new missions, and find new things. This a thing that can be utilized at the obstruction site toward the finish of the “Conciliatory Offering” mission in Inazuma.

“Conciliatory Offering” is a World Quest in Inazuma that capabilities as the second piece of Genshin Impact’s Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. For those players looking to make the most out of Inazuma, this questline ought to be the primary thing they complete since it opens new regions within this locale. Here is where players can find.

Progress through the mission until the player experiences the undertaking “Go to the assigned region kept in the note pad” in Genshin Impact. Then, rout the adversaries surrounding the area set apart in the picture above to recover the Old Key. As of now, they don’t have to finish the mission to find the Rust-Worn Key in Genshin Impact.

How To Get Rust Worn Key in Genshin Impact

Where is rust worn Key Seiraimaru?

The Seiraimaru is a destroyed boat in Genshin Impact that is host to a few riddles. One of which gives you a rust worn key. This enormous boat is close to Koseki Village, on Seirai Island.

When the player has stood up to Konda Densuke with the proof. They should then obtain his journal situated on the top of his home. The journal will uncover the key to opening the well which is situated in an unwanted house east of Konda.

How do you get the key to some place in Genshin Impact?

Obtaining each of the three will give you admittance to the Arsenal Gate. Which is home to a sought after Luxurious Chest.

Return and converse with Konda Densuke and present the handbag, the freight sack, and the rundown, in that request. Move up to Densuke’s rooftop and get his journal. Make a beeline for the obvious region, rout the fortune hoarders, and get the Old Key. Utilize the Old Key to go open the town well and go down.

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