How To Get Goldmask’s Set in Elden Ring

Goldmask’s Set in Elden Ring is one of the additional interesting characters you might run over in the Lands Between. This character doesn’t talk. Instead, this character simply stands and points. Gracious, and he wears scarcely any clothes while he does his standing and pointing. It’s an exceptional sight no doubt. Despite not talking, Goldmask has a whole questline that intertwines with Brother Corhyn’s. In the event that done well, you can obtain both their shield sets.

He will show up north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace in the wake of reaching Altus Plateau. Speak to him in Roundtable Hold to make him move to this area. When you find Goldmask on the northern piece of the messed up span in Altus Plateau, converse with Brother Corhyn to make him move to Goldmask’s area.

You can obtain the Radiant Gold Mask anytime of the quest. Go to the scaffold where you first find Goldmask and go south to the messed up pieces underneath it. On the most southern tip of the wrecked extension is where you will find the Radiant Gold Mask. You will require it to finish the whole Goldmask clothing and be unified with the Golden Order. Be cautious traversing the stone of the extension. Falling will prompt your demise.

How To Get Goldmask's Set in Elden Ring

How To Get Goldmask’s Set in Elden Ring

There are a great deal of cool helmets and headpieces in Elden Ring. Recluse Destiny 2 Shadowkeep However few are as grossly incandescent as the Radiant Gold Mask, worn by the eponymous, ever-splendid Goldmask. This chatty, energetic person wears simple clothes to contrast the lavish mask in an ensemble that each Faith player surely covets.

Fortunately, players don’t need to kill Goldmask to get his set, in contrast to most NPCs in Elden Ring. Instead, his mask and clothes are tracked down in two separate locations: the mask is found close to the beginning of his questline, and the rest of his set is found at the end.

Goldmask’s Armor Set is not so a lot “reinforcement” as it is clothes. Goldmask dedicates himself full-time to wiggling his finger and studying the Golden Order, so he has brief period for Elden Bling. It’s unexpected, then, at that point, that he has apparently the most famous headpiece in Elden Ring. While the rest of his protection set has no passive effects, the Radiant Gold Mask can be exceptionally useful for certain builds.

How To Get Goldmask's Set in Elden Ring

Where can I find Goldmask?

Goldmask can be found by heading to the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge site of effortlessness to the northeast of the Altus Highway Junction. Use the waygate to show up at the northern section of the collapsed span and quickly pivot. You will find Goldmask standing alone and pointing at the Erdtree.

Instead, subsequent to completing Ranni’s quest, return to Ranni’s Rise and you will find Blaidd sitting outside the steps to the tower, mumbling to himself. Right now, Blaidd is hostile regardless of what you do, so feel free to overcome him. Blaidd will drop his protective layer, gauntlets, greaves, and his Royal Greatsword.

Where is the best armor in Elden Ring?

This is an astounding shield set for Strength builds, however it’s also a phenomenal decision for Dexterity builds with high Endurance. You can find Lionel’s Set in a small room just west of the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

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