How to Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy has six world supervisors. And one of the managers you can defeat during the early game is Robarg. Like some other world chief, defeating Robarg will compensate you with numerous treats, even an opportunity to get an irregular SSR weapon and a king SSR matric. You can find Robarg on the southern edge of Astra, and this is the way you can defeat her.

Robarg is the principal World Boss in Tower of Fantasy. They are powerless to Fire and impervious to Volt and will call extra foes to fend off players. It is in no way, shape or form prescribed to battle the supervisor alone. As World Bosses are intended to be handled with different players. This is how to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy.

Robarg is the World Boss situated in the principal area of Tower of Fantasy. The World Chat will often attempt to set individuals together up to handle the World Bosses of the game and players can join groups or travel to different channels to join the game. At the point when participated in the battle, players should watch out for a couple of key assaults.

How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

How to Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg is powerless against shoot, so you should bring weapons with the Flame component. Deepwood Memories Artifact Set in Genshin Impact Taking somewhere around one long-range and one more impressive short-range weapon with you is ideal. Like that, you can undoubtedly go after Robarg from anyplace and switch jobs with different players in the attack. Robarg is versatile to Volt, so drop any of your Volt weapons and things to supplant them with other appropriate gear.

You can experience Robarg inside the Tomb of Thorns which you can find in the southeastern piece of the Southern Ring Ranges region of the guide. Subsequent to dropping down the manager field on the guide, the supervisor battle will then, at that point, begin.

As a world chief, Robarg can be very tough to deal with, particularly for beginners. It accompanies 5 tremendous wellbeing bars that have four lumps of white safeguard bars each. So basically, you want to initially drain the white bars first before you can bargain critical harm to its main wellbeing.

To fight the Robarg, search for it at the Tomb of Thorns situated in the south-eastern piece of the Astra district on the guide. The Robarg is the primary Boss you’ll see once you begin exploring Aida. It is likewise the most fragile among different Bosses, considering that it is just at level 22. In any case, the Robarg offers a few important compensations for players.

How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

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