4 Interesting Online Casino Types To Deal With

Today, online casinos offer great casino games to play for free. There are a variety of online casinos to choose from but as technology develops, they begin to differentiate. In this post will be discussed new types of online casinos that have emerged thanks to the development of digital technologies and their implementation into operation of classic online casinos, especially of such things as cryptocurrencies, appearance of Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nevertheless, here are 4 interesting online casino types which you may find and play in nowadays.

Instant Play Casinos

Many online casinos offer their games in download or no download versions, both are available online and can be just as convenient and enjoyable for you. Choosing one or the other just depends on what is most comfortable for you to play anytime and anywhere. 

Most players agree that the main advantage of playing in instant play online casinos without downloading and registration is a number of slots to be played without downloading. That means that you can start the game from any device as long as you have internet access. Thus, you don’t need to install software or depend on a certain device you are connecting to.

There are no download slots that take up space on your hard drive, as they only generate temporary files that you can easily delete. Plus, they don’t use your device’s connection or memory, so you can play multiple titles at the same time.

However, there is one disadvantage of such casinos – they cannot provide the complete experience that classic casinos can provide. If you like complexly-themed bets, of course they are not the best option.

Crypto Casinos

Playing at casinos with cryptocurrencies is now quite easy, although, you must first have cryptocurrency to trade. First of all, you need a digital wallet which you will fill with cryptos. Most of the players prefer using such currencies as BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE and DASH, because they are one of the most beloved and reliable cryptos. Apart from that, crypto casinos also offer many other decentralized currencies.

Of course, there are some disadvantages of crypto casinos. Cryptos as a payment method is not available in many casinos. Apart from that, online crypto casinos offer payment methods which are not much different from traditional online casinos. 

Also, some well-known game developers whose games can be found in crypto casinos, including Evolution, Yggdrasil, Red Tiger, and Pragmatic Play, still choose to only work with traditional online casinos.

Mobile Casinos

Many online casinos today invest heavily in mobile casinos as it has become more common over time to use tablets and mobile phones to gamble. Thanks to this development, you can play wherever you are.

With same login on your mobile or tablet (or any other device) you can continue playing whenever and wherever you want. Easy registration process through verification with mobile banking, secure transactions and fast withdrawals make mobile casinos one of the best options for gambling now. 

Large selection of newly developed games is now more standard in mobile casinos thanks to the switch from Flash to HTML5. Authoritative game manufacturers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, are behind many of the popular slot games which means players get the world-class graphics and performance.

The only downside of mobile casinos is that using them can be so entertaining that you may become addicted to them. However, mobile casinos offer the solution – you can set up your own time limit for gaming and when it ends the casino blocks your access to games.

VR Casinos

VR casinos are now widely available all across the internet. Playing with VR makes you feel like you are in a casino or a game itself. The process of playing is simple: you enter a computer controlled virtual world and, in this way, you can visit a VR casino. All you need is a VR helmet or special VR goggles and then you can walk around the casino and interact with other casino goers. 

So far, there is only one VR casino disadvantage is the high cost of the equipment that players need to buy before gambling. As the price of VR equipment drops, it is expected that VR casinos will become much more popular among players.


So, which one should you choose? If you have a large cryptocurrency reserve, you might consider crypto casinos. But if you are a fan of the latest technology, playing in VR casinos is the best option. However, if you are a player who needs practicality, you can easily find mobile casinos or instant play casinos.

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