Where is the Fire Station in GTA 5

In this article we will show you where is the fire station in GTA 5. The Rockford Hills Fire Station is a Los Santos Fire Department station in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, situated in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.

Players can also find fire hydrants scattered throughout the game world, which they can use to fill up their vehicles with water. In addition, players can occasionally see fire trucks and other emergency vehicles driving around the city, but they cannot enter or interact with them.


Situated at the intersection of Rockford Drive and South Boulevard Del Perro, on the north west corner of the community buildings, the Rockford Hills fire station is a huge station with 3 straights. The public library is found right nearby in the community building.

The player might observer fire team individuals standing external the station and a single Firetruck can generate left external the inaccessible entryways. This is the base camp for the Los Santos Fire Department, Where is the Police Station in GTA 5 as displayed on the walker entryways. This station, alongside the Paleto Bay Fire Station and the LSIA Fire Station, can’t be entered.

Where is the Fire Station in GTA 5

To give you a superior outline, here’s a guide with each GTA 5 fire station area included:

Where is the Fire Station in GTA 5

Davis Fire Station

The Davis Fire Station GTA 5, otherwise called the Davis Fire Dept. is situated on Macdonald Street, Davis in Los Santos. The station can be entered by players and it includes a completely prepared interior, including storage spaces for the firemen, refueling hoses, and so on, alongside 3 carport sounds. A “Davis Fire Dept.” sign should be visible on a divider close to the carports, outside of the station.

El Burro Heights Fire Station

In where is the fire station in GTA 5, Otherwise called the LSFD station number 7, this station is situated at the intersection of Capitol Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard in El Burro Heights, close to St. Fiacre Hospital. This GTA V fire station is additionally probably the greatest building for a fire station on GTA 5.

Rockford Hills Fire Station

The Rockford Hills Fire Station GTA 5 sits at the edge of South Boulevard Del Perro and Rockford Drive. It fills in as the base camp for the Los Santos Fire Department and contains 3 coves. It is additionally one of the fire stations in GTA 5 which can not be entered by the player.

Los Santos International Airport Fire Station

This GTA fire station fundamentally fills in as a LSIA crash group. This is because of the way that the station is situated within the LSIA itself. This station likewise has a consumed plane close by which is utilized during training.

Where is the fire station on the GTA 5 guide?

On the off chance that the players need to take a Fire Truck from a fire station, there are a sum of seven of them on the GTA 5 guide. Of which there are four within the Los Santos region, while the rest are in Blaine County.

Where Is The Fire Station In GTA Online?

GTA 5 and GTA Online continue to get more fans as its prominence develops, with numerous players being ready to attempt it interestingly because of Xbox Game Pass, so it’s great to see individuals playing this incredible game that is not showing its age, particularly since we’re getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X update that will have restrictive substance on them.

Where is the Fire Station in GTA 5

Obviously, with individuals playing GTA 5 and GTA Online interestingly, they aren’t utilized to a portion of that more open mission structure and can stall a piece out, especially with The Bureau Raid, which provides players with various ways of doing the mission, with the main part being to get a firetruck in the game and a lot of players need to know where the fire stations are in the game.

Sandy Shores Fire Station

It is on Alhambra Drive, close to the Sandy Shores Medical Center. The building’s general look, with blocked windows, infers that it is underfunded and underutilized.

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