How the Tower of Trials works in Fire Emblem Engage – Ultimate Guide

Tower of Trials works in Fire Emblem Engage is an effective method for testing your party’s abilities against different challenges. There are a few online activities you can do while playing here, yet there’s one that does not need an online association, which all players can participate in once they open it. Beyond the Field, this is a decent spot for your characters to become more grounded and procure numerous prizes. This is what you want to be aware of how the Tower of Trials works in Fire Emblem Engage.

Strategic pretending game fans will most likely concur that these games have lots of activities to do, and these games allow total opportunities to test your characters’ abilities. This is especially obvious while talking about the Fire Emblem series. The latest Fire Emblem series game, Fire Emblem Engage, was delivered just a day prior, and players have previously been grinding through the game to investigate each feature of the game. However, this guide will assist you with knowing about the Tower of Trials and how they work in the game.

How the Tower of Trials works in Fire Emblem Engage

All activities at the Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage

You can pick three activities from when the Tower of Trials opens in the wake of completing the part six battle in the main story. You want to return to the Somniel for this area to open, which will be in the far south. At the point when you show up, enter the Tower of Trials, and you can do one of the three activities: Storm Trial, Relay Trial, or Outrealm Trial. The Storm Trial is offline, while the Relay and Outrealm trials require an online association.

Temptest Trial

The Temptest Trial won’t be accessible when you initially open the Tower of Trials. This mode opens when you reach and complete Section 11. Here you might your party at any point will battle in sequential consecutive battles, and every one turns out to be more perplexing than the final remaining one. At the point when you’re done, you’ll get rewards in light of how far you got and the overall trouble of these battles. You won’t lose the utilization of any things or lose any characters assuming that they die in this action.

Relay Trial

The Relay Trial is a movement you can do online with a companion. The two of you will bounce into a Fire Emblem Engage guide, and you want to cooperate to advance through the battles. A Relay ticket is expected to participate in this game mode, and it’s suggested players have characters generally a similar level to cooperate better.

Outrealm Trial

The final Tower of Trials movement is the Outrealm Trial, an online mode. You can clash against another player’s curated group and go head to head against it. A computer based intelligence will control your rival’s curated crew, yet every person choice was made by another player who has Fire Emblem Engage and decided on this mode. Likewise, a portion of these guides can be altered by other players or yourself.

How the Tower of Trials works in Fire Emblem Engage

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