One of High on Life’s Best Features is Its Crazy Bosses

Just like most shooter games, players will be killing a great deal of grunts during their High on Life’s Best Features is Its Crazy Bosses is Its Crazy Bosses venture. The constant swarm of grunts is a staple of the class, however it can sometimes become excessively redundant. To ease a touch of that slog, Squanch Games has also incorporated a beautiful cast of bosses for players to kill. Every High on Life boss is not quite the same as the last, and they serve as incredible cake toppers to a generally fun encounter.

High on Life tasks the player with taking out bounties to dismantle the High on Life’s Best Features is Its Crazy Bosses. There are seven bounties altogether, and that means that there are seven unique bosses to kill. While a considerable lot of the bosses reside in the same environments and utilize the same grunts, the bosses themselves are totally different.

Every one features an entirely different interactivity repairman for players to think about, and they all have pretty distinct personalities for players to communicate Jetpack in High on Life. They also have some of the strangest designs of any shooter available, and fans will most likely be bantering about which one is the coolest for a really long time.

High on Life Has Some Wild Bosses

High on Life’s principal interactivity circle is extremely simple, yet entirely High on Life’s Best Features is Its Crazy Bosses. Players will select an abundance from the abundance machine, and afterward they will be magically transported to anything planet that abundance target is on. They will then, at that point, battle through swarms of enemies as they traverse this planet in search of their objective. The abundance will usually end with a goliath boss battle against the objective, and they will take a piece of that boss back to their abundance board to get compensated. They will then select another abundance and make a beeline for do everything over once more. This rinse-and-rehash circle will continue until players get to the last boss, and afterward the game is finished.

Every abundance focus in High on Life is altogether different, and they all require an alternate strategy to take out. Players should defeat the subterranean insect like clone 9-Torg, the drill aficionado Krubis, the squid-like medication fiend Douglas, the super smart Dr. Giblets, the gross Voltron-like Skrendel Bros, the scaring Nipulon, and the goliath heap of yellow goo Garmantuous. As they pursue each objective, players will also find out about their wild stories and how the rest of the world sees them. It can prompt many laugh uncontrollably moments, and most of the boss fights will subvert expectations, as Squanch Games has loaded the title with meta and self-referential humor.

The constant swarm of faceless grunts can turn into somewhat of a slog, however the bosses make most of it worth the effort. The tasks that players need to accomplish to find each boss are one of a kind, and the boss fights are unique. 9-Torg requires players to traverse the slums to gather a High on Life’s Best Features is Its Crazy Bosses, Douglas has players go through the whole G3 Cartel orientation, and players need to battle through a medication prompted hallucination if they have any desire to beat Nipulon. These bounties lead to a wide range of wild scenarios that truly assist with setting High on Life separated from the group.

High on Life's Best Features is Its Crazy Bosses

While Squanch Games might have included cutout bosses for players to beat, it chose to offer something entirely interesting. High on Life’s bosses truly assist with working on the game, and they let the studio’s comedic capacity shine. They convince numerous players to continue to push through as they never know what’s in store from the following contract. They might be some of the most one of a kind bosses in years, and shooter fans will need to encounter them as soon as possible.

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