Different Types of Players to Attract to Your Esports Venue

When you are running an esports venue, you are going to have to put in plenty of work to ensure that you keep on attracting a wide range of players. Sure, there are all the pro gamers out there, but if you are only looking to appeal to them, you are going to miss out on a whole customer base. So, the following blog post will be looking closer at some of the different types of players that you may be able to attract to your esports venue.

Casual Gamers

First, there are all the gamers out there who simply enjoy it from time to time on a more casual basis. These may be the people who are playing on evenings and weekends, as well as potentially following some of their favorite players on streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube. It may also be the case that they bet on league of legends at thunderpick.io with bitcoin. It could also be that they are interested in boosting their skills through a class or a workshop, so this is something to consider.

Social Gamers

You are also going to need to think about all the social gamers out there and create an environment that they appreciate. After all, they will be looking for much more in terms of interaction with people who have the same interests as themselves. Therefore, you need to think closely about how you are going to be able to create a social environment in which everyone can form closer bonds with one another and create a thriving community for people to enjoy.


There is also a category of creative gamers out there that are looking to learn and apply their skills in other formats. For example, it could well be the streamers out there that are looking to teach themselves to be able to produce online shows of their own. At the same time, some would like to be able to seek out additional educational or gaming opportunities where skills can be developed. So, it could well be the case that you are looking to put on classes to cater successfully for these people.

Competitive Gamers

As already mentioned at the start of the blog post, there are also plenty of competitive gamers out there who are looking to test their skills against others. This could be on a more casual basis, but some are looking to do this to boost their abilities by taking on the very best and potentially even having the opportunity to make a living out of what they are doing. These gamers are certainly going to want to have the opportunity to take part in tournaments to test themselves properly.

All of these are amongst the different players out there that you have the option of attracting into your esports venue. Whether you would like to bring on board a whole range of them or just one or two types is up to you.

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