How to Complete the Ankhita Quest Line in Citizen Sleeper

Today, we will show you How to complete the Ankhita quest line in Citizen Sleeper. These are both 3-section Clocks, which can be filled in by completing Actions. There is one Critical Action, and one Repeatable Action to browse, which can add to these Clocks. Both require Action Dice.

Assuming you complete the ‘Dock Watcher’ Clock, you’ll make The Rotunda vanish from your guide, and the following areas will presently show up.

Assuming you complete the ‘Havenage Watchlist‘ Clock, Feng the Engineer will come to save you. We’ll get to that on his Questline page.

How to complete the Ankhita quest line in Citizen Sleeper

How to Complete the Ankhita Quest Line in Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is loaded with idiosyncratic characters, each with their own quests. As referenced in our beginner’s aide, quests ought to generally be fundamentally important. Some plot subtleties are expected in explaining these, so consider this your spoiler warning.

Fix the Ambergris

Stage one is really meeting the person in question. Ankhita can be found at the Ambergris, her separated boat. This is viewed as close to dock C-4 after you’ve gained some headway in the game. Converse with her, and she’ll request that you assist with fixing her ride. This is a perilous assignment — there is a bomb state assuming you roll inadequately Rock Blaster Sorcery. Use alert while going ahead with this one, and recall the special case for the quest need rule: now and again it’s ideal to step up a piece prior to attempting certain errands.

Fit a Shipmind

When the boat has been fixed, you’ll continue on toward the following stage. The Ambergris needs another Shipmind — it’s grounded in light of the fact that it was stolen in any case. A complete Shipmind requires three Shipmind parts. There are a couple of ways of getting these, however the best technique is to purchase scrap when the shipper transport is available at Dock B-2, on the right-focal point of the guide. You can purchase scrap multiple times each time it visits, yet there’s an opportunity of that piece being a part you want.

How to complete the Ankhita quest line in Citizen Sleeper

Open the Greenway

Finally, you’ll have to open the Greenway, the northernmost part of the station. In the event that you haven’t open the Low End, complete errands there to open up that part of the guide. By then, you’ll have the option to arrive at Founder’s Ferry. It’ll cost you a weighty 150 to utilize it to cross to the Greenway, yet fortunately that is a one-time charge. Around the time you do as such, Ankhita will make reference to that she’s tracking her old crewmate who snatched the original Shipmind.

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