Find Out What do you do at the Windmills on La Cuna in A Plague Tale Requiem?

At the windmills on La Cuna in A Plague Tale Requiem, Simply over halfway through the game. Plague Tale: Requiem brings forward a few really massive areas for you to investigate. However one of these areas holds a mystery puzzle that is quite hard to settle.

As you make your way through A Plague Tale: Requiem, you will experience various riddles that will test your abilities. Notwithstanding there being many riddles in the game. None of them are as ingenious as the windmill puzzle on the island of La Cuna. This puzzle opens a mysterious profound within the island and a treasure that hasn’t been found in years. This guide will tell you the best way to tackle the windmill puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

The windmills on La Cuna is one of the hardest riddles in the game and this puzzle is located on the island named La Cuna. You’ll make your way here to search for the dealer’s treasure in chapter 9. This puzzle isn’t the main riddle yet it tends to be settled in Chapter 9 or on the other hand in the event that you have missed it in the ninth chapter, you can address it in Chapter 10. Solving this puzzle will also grant you a great piece of armor that’ll help you greatly later in the game.

What do you do at the windmills on La Cuna in A Plague Tale Requiem?

Windmill puzzle solution in A Plague Tale: Requiem

A very remarkable Plague Tale: Requiem is spent reaching the island of windmills on La Cuna. Kill Fully Armored Soldiers in A Plague Tale Requiem Once you reach it, you find that Amicia and Hugo are very wanted there and the Count and Lady are eager to take them in. After the principal night on the island, you will be allowed to investigate the area. It is at this time that you can experience the windmill puzzle. This part of the game takes place during chapter nine however it can also be finished during chapter 10.

As you make your way across the island, following the bird statues during chapter nine, you will actually want to recognize a large field of blossoms. Behind the bloom field are four windmills that are either running or still. During this time, Hugo will make a remark about entering the windmills to perceive how they work. The goal of the windmill puzzle is to have certain ones running while others are still. You can find the solution to the riddle on the stone door in the runner’s sanctum simply past the stone arches behind the windmills.

Each of the windmills is its own separate riddle. The solution for each is composed underneath from right to left while looking at the windmills from the front:

  • First Windmill (far right): This windmill can be opened without needing to finish any additional means. Basically interact with the door to open it.
  • Second Windmill (second from the right): Locate the small wooden post with the rope connected to it. Interact with it to pull the rope causing a things on a platform to fall. Hop on top of the platform to gain access to the inside of the windmill.
  • Third Windmill (second from the left): Walk around the windmill until you have a cart. Push the cart forward to reveal an opening at the base of the windmill. Advise Hugo to crawl through the opening and he will open the door.
  • Fourth Windmill (far left): Locate the cart close to the windmill and crawl under it to the other side. Move up the ladder to reach the platform above. Shoot a stone using your sling through the window at the lock on the door to gain access.

Each of the windmills has a mechanism in it that allows you to either activate or deactivate it. Pushing the mechanism in will deactivate it while pulling it out will activate it. The solution to the riddle is to activate the two windmills on the left and deactivate the two windmills on the right. At the point when you have the right windmills on La Cuna activated and deactivated, you will hear a bang indicating that the door in the dealer’s nook is open.

What do you do at the windmills on La Cuna in A Plague Tale Requiem?

Is plague tale Requiem a sequel?

With an emotionally resonant content and a specialist stream between stealth, frightfulness, and exploration. A Plague Tale: Requiem feels like the continuation Innocence merits. Unlock Building Mode in Tower Of Fantasy A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on Oct. 18 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X via Game Pass.

Charlotte and Logan both repeat their jobs as Amicia and Hugo. Be that as it may, Pack Connor is taking over the job of Lucas from Edan Hayhurst and Lucy Briggs-Own is voicing Béatrice instead of Katherine Pageon who voiced her in A Plague Tale Innocence.

In 1348, Amicia de Rune is a 15-year-old French young lady of respectable drop who lives in Aquitaine during the Hundred Years’ War among England and France.

Pre-request A Plague Tale: Requiem now! The game will release October 18 on Xbox Series X|S, PC and will also be available Day One with Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC and Cloud.

What will A Plague Tale: Requiem be about?

Embark on a heartrending excursion into a brutal, breathtaking world curved by supernatural powers. After escaping their devastated homeland, Amicia and Hugo travel far south, to new regions and vibrant urban communities. There, they attempt to start another life and control Hugo’s revile.

As a five-year-old kid, Hugo is tiny with a form typical of a kid of that age: exceptionally thin, with his appendages and head not completely proportioned. His hair is long, brown and rumpled. Hugo’s clothing changes multiple times all through the story.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the immediate continuation of the PS4 and Xbox One game, A Plague Tale: Innocence and is viewed as a valid “cutting edge” experience that aims to take advantage of the new consoles on the market. The game isn’t releasing on past platforms however is getting a cloud-based version on Nintendo Switch.

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