Where to Find Hugo in Chapter 16 of A Plague Tale Requiem

Hugo in Chapter 16 of A Plague Tale Requiem, he surrenders himself to the Macula after thinking Amicia is dead and decimates Marseille. You will enter the Nebula trying to find and save Hugo, yet you will get derailed in this strange place, and bird statues will appear as a sign. Do you follow these familiar statues in Plague Tale: Requiem, as you did previously?

As you regain control, head forwards, and inside the building across the scaffold is a workbench and a large chest in the corner, containing a Tool, Pieces, and additional assets. Continue along the path and not long prior to entering through the entryway you’ll see Lucas crouching at the last addition to Hugo’s Assortment in the game: Carnation.

Opening the entryway, you’ll see innumerable rats and a large design in the distance, deciphering that should be Hugo’s location. A rat swarm thumps down the building, causing the triplet to fall.

We should simply get this out the way from the off: indeed, there will be spoilers, as I have no idea how to explain how to accomplish something without talking about what it is you have to do.

In chapter 16 of A Plague Tale: Requiem, which is technically the last level in the event that you don’t count the epilog (we certainly don’t), you’ll have to wander forward into the heart of Marseille to save Hugo.

After running from one cover to another while avoiding the waves of rats in the primary part of this chapter, Amicia will find herself at the focal point of the occasion that has taken place. A place where nothing is normal. In fact, the entire chapter appears to be somewhat of a surreal dream.

How to find Hugo in Chapter 16 of A Plague Tale Requiem

King Hugo (Chapter 16) Has Three Sub-Chapters

  • Marseilles
  • The Descent
  • Nebula


There is absolutely no chance that somebody might have endure the Count’s assault. Build The Best Sun Team in Pokemon VGC Amicia’s survival from such a catastrophic incident is a miracle. Thank you, Arnaud, for your brave sacrifice. Despite the fact that he could heal her injury, without his sacrifice, it could not have possibly been workable for Amicia to kill the beast. Hugo loathed the massive haze of Nebula that allowed rats to infest the whole city. Finally, the triplet, Amicia, Lucas, and Sophia, will arrive at the gates.

Objective: Find Hugo

The city of Marseilles is in ruins, infested with rats, and plagued by wretchedness. With everybody running around trying to save themselves, Amicia, Lucas, and Sophia have a second together and appreciate being together. At the point when chapter 16 begins, notice the workbench on your right side and the tool chest in the room – you’ll require them both.

To find Hugo, follow Lucas upstairs and to the bloom shop. At the shop, you want to get Hugo’s Herbarium #12/12 Carnation. As a reward, you will open the “silver: Herbalist” achievement.

You will experience rats in the rooms blocking your way so you can search for Hugo. Amicia, Lucas, and Sophia will take down the rats’ waves together, yet Sophia will not have the option to continue after that. Then, Amicia, Lucas, and Sophia will cooperate to take down the rats’ army, however Sophia will not have the option to help after that.

The Descent

Objective: Find Hugo

As you walk out of the building yourself, Lucas will out of nowhere appear and join you. You’ll see that the rats never again follow you when you see them hop down from the edge and take cover behind the wall. Head left to the following wall and continue this until you reach the gate. Zaw in Warframe When you reach the gate, give it a couple of moments prior to taking down the following wave.

Get around the wall repeatedly until it collapses, and then start jumping over the roofs. When you see the coffin, descend and run towards the scaffold. Amicia and Lucas will be at the last edge – where Nebula and Macula become one – and all natural laws never again exist. All things being equal, they continue to slide down the scaffold.


Objective: Find Hugo

In the event that you reach the bottom and can’t find Lucas, don’t stress continue onward until you come to a wrecked roof. After crossing it, you’ll see some bird statues. There’s a trap here that will send you toward the path the birds are facing, however on the off chance that you stay on course and go straight, you’ll avoid it. In other words, regardless of which path you pick, what matters is running in a straight line until you reach the edge.

You’ll know when you reach the edge because of the giant skull heads and rat beasts. The key is that this is certainly not a fighting scene; it’s a riddle. Take out the brazier with the extinguisher to give up and advance through the story. You’ll start again in the same area assuming that you bite the dust while fighting rats. The way will be clear after using the extinguisher on the brazier. It will take you to Hugo’s location, so continue to move until you reach a leave entryway.

How to find Hugo in Chapter 16 of A Plague Tale Requiem

How old is Amicia in a plague tale Requiem?

Amicia is a fifteen-year-old brunette with arched eyebrows, large blue eyes, and fair skin with faint spots and moles around her face.

To one side of the cart ablaze is an infested alleyway. Take this alley until you can never again continue, then move your camera around until you can see the gate’s lock. Bring it down with a stone, then pass through the gate.

What is Hugo’s illness?

The Prima Macula (Latin for “first spot”) or essentially the Macula, is a secretive, ancient revile that runs in the bloodlines of certain families. It plagues the de Rune family, and in particular has awoken in Hugo de Rune’s blood.

As a five-year-old kid, Hugo in Chapter 16 is tiny with a form typical of a kid of that age: exceptionally thin, with his appendages and head not completely proportioned. His hair is long, brown and tousled. Hugo’s clothing changes multiple times all through the story.

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