How to Beat Captain Bikke in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

This article is about How to beat Captain Bikke in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The Pravoka Seagrot mission is essential for the demo for Strangers of Paradise. It’s the second generally speaking mission, and anything that progress you make in the demo will be carried on when you get the full game.

How to Beat Captain Bikke in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Some pre-battle planning: we suggest bringing any high level Job, or then again in the event that you haven’t opened one yet, the Swordfighter. Swordfighter’s unique capacity is Interception, which automatically squares and counterattacks a single hit.

How to beat Captain Bikke in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The counterattack is incredibly viable in this battle, as Jack will run through his adversaries, escaping a great deal of Bikke’s assaults. It’s likewise convenient to have because of the various privateers he will call, who will be in every way taking swipes at you. Another great decision is the Duelist’s Venom order, which adds Poison to your assaults. Bikke has no stage changes, so the Poison will do something amazing all through the battle.

Promptly after starting the battle, Bikke will have two Pirates brought forth in, and will prime an assault at you. Bikke’s stockpile comprises of for the most part skirmish assaults – his Moon Slash assault will close the hole against you, yet every other scuffle assault can be out-run. Be keeping watch for Upheaval, however – not exclusively can this make you fold to the ground, yet he will follow it up with a three-hit scuffle combo that can drain your wellbeing quickly.

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Captain Bikke

Captain Bikke moves more slow than Chaos, and his moves are simpler to foresee. What makes this supervisor battle fairly troublesome is the way that Bikke will bring Pirate foes to come in to battle, and Pirates can wind up eating up the entirety of your consideration.

Likewise, while Bikke might be slow, when he hits, he hits HARD. His assaults will fundamentally bring down your wellbeing as well as your Break Gauge too.

Basic Tips to kick you off

The universe of STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN is very perilous, so it could be helpful to go in equipped with a touch of information.

See how to guard yourself

Jack’s a tough person, yet there’s just so many hits a man can bring before he’s out cold. Thus, it’s ideal to try not to take any blows whatsoever – easy to talk about, not so easy to do in a world as risky as STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY Origin’s.


Bikke is a perilous privateer, attacking Pravoka and the Warriors of Light using his privateers. At the point when his privateers are crushed, he gives up and guarantees that he will not do additional wrongdoings. He gives his boat to the party as installment for his wrongdoings.

How to beat Captain Bikke in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Accessibility Period

There has not been any affirmation on an end date for the Demo rendition of the game. There is plausible that the game’s demo variant might keep close by even after the game’s delivery, however this moment it is presently obscure.

Another Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin demo

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s case craftsmanship has been uncovered by Square Enix. The case craftsmanship has a predominantly white foundation like past Final Fantasy titles, halfway person representations making up the right half of the container. There likewise has all the earmarks of being a red and dark wave across the bottom that mixes into the representations, and it very well may be imagery for the spread of Chaos. All things considered, Chaos is something that should killed.

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