Find out Best Harbor Counters in Valorant

The upcoming update of Valorant highlights another specialist with the codename Harbor. This specialist’s genuine name is Varun Batra and originally hails from India’s Coast. Alongside captivating legend, Harbor likewise has many abilities that can place players in danger. He is the freshest expansion to the regulator jobs. Thus, he can be an incredible assistance to the help and smoke players. That being said, various players are looking for specialists appropriate to counter the Harbor. Not to stress, look at our manual for find out the best Harbor counters in Valorant.

The genuine name of this specialist is Varun Batra and is originally from India Coast. As well as captivating legend, Harbor likewise has various abilities that can jeopardize Best Harbor Counters in Valorant. He is the freshest expansion to the regulator jobs. Thus, he can be of help and an incredible assistance to the players who smoke. That being said, numerous players are looking for reasonable specialists to counter Harbor.

Best Harbor Counters in Valorant

Here are the Check and Change Servers in Valorant that can counter and are fit to conflict with the Harbor:


A large portion of Harbor’s capacities depend on blocking the vision of his foes. In any case, with Level’s capacities, this specialist can be killed. Since the greater part of his expertise capacities block the vision of foes, you can utilize her Blast Bot capacity to distinguish him. As you initiate this capacity, an enormous front facing cone will filter for foe focuses to safeguard you and your group. In spite of the fact that Harbor can use water, he wouldn’t have the option to stow away with the Annihilate’s Impact Pack capacity. This would work best with an Initiator specialist like Sova, Break, or Blur.

Best Harbor Counters in Valorant


While it might appear to be a piece uncanny however Harbor himself can be an extraordinary player against Harbor. His definitive capacity can be an incredible method for controlling the region. With his ult, Harbor can bring a spring pool in a specific region. Then, that pool inflicts the Fountain strikes which can make weighty harm the foes. This can assist you with breaking down the safeguard and draw out your adversaries including the Harbor.

Kay/O – Best Counter Against Harbor in Valorant

The whole playstyle and play pack of Kay/O can smother Harbor’s key capacities. This initiator specialist can stifle the capacities of his adversaries while securing a benefit for his group. His unmistakable capacity, Zero/Point smothers his rivals with a concealment sharp edge. As you hit the cutting edge, it stifles anybody that are hiding or in the line of fire. With his ult, Invalid/CMD, Kay/O can likewise stifle their capacities for some time. Whenever over-burden, this ult can likewise increase his fire rate, reload speed, and recuperation speed. This multitude of elements without a doubt make him the best counter against Harbor.

More Counters against Harbor

Referenced underneath are a few extra counters that can be utilized against Harbor:

  • Skye
  • Sova
  • Yoru
  • Blur

That is everything covered about the best Harbor counters in Valorant. Assuming you enjoyed this aide, look at our more Valorant Guides on our committed segment here on Gamer Change.

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