Where To Find The Magic Pot In Crisis Core Reunion

Magic Pot in Final Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion is quite possibly of the most helpful substance you can bring. It allows players to bring different magical substances to help them and permits players to get valuable plunder by summoning it amidst fight. Similarly as with other Magic Pot In Crisis Core Reunion includes an amazing program of request that each brings novel benefits during adversary experiences. These request are discretionary and do expect players to open them to exploit their capacities.

Crisis Core Reunion offers two bring variations that show up during various modes. Brothers’ War Boosters in Magic Arena show up during the DMV (Advanced Mind Wave) Call Mode and Mascot summons shows up in the DMW Chocobo Mode. Players that need to open all of the request should make a point to own every single side mission and post for plunder chests.

Square Enix have remastered Magic Pot In Crisis Core Reunion – an original 2008 PSP hit. Whether its old players or rookies, the game has figured out how to get eyeballs since its delivery in December 2022. The RPG highlights a great assortment of request to look over. However, players need to endeavor to open it. The Magic Pot is one such bring which is exceptionally valuable yet difficult to open. Thus, we are going to show you how to get the Magic Pot in Crisis Core.

Find the Magic Pot in Crisis Core Reunion

The Magic Pot is one of the different request that can be procured in Crisis Core Reunion and can give you profoundly important things whenever you’ve opened it. The cycle to get the Magic Pot is interesting as it expects players to do explicit activities in request to do as such.

First off, you’ll have to arrive at the mission that awards you the opportunity to experience the Magic Pot. This mission will be Mission 10-2-3: Expert Tonberry. You can get begun this when you arrive at Part 2 and the means expected to do so are recorded beneath.

  • Complete Missions 6-1-1 and 6-1-4
  • Rout Tonberry in Mission 6-1-5. Unlocking Mission 10-2-1
  • Complete Missions 10-2-1 and 10-2-2

Whenever you’ve arrived at the vital mission, you’ll have the option to haphazardly experience the Magic Pot. While you’re battling the Magic Pot In Crisis Core Reunion you’ll have to try to involve the following assaults in request to add it your inventory.

Where to get the Materia Required for Magic Pot

So since it has become so undeniably obvious where to find the Magic Pot, you want to guarantee you have the Materia you’ll have to fulfill it. Underneath, you’ll find a rundown of where each Materia can be found:

Jump Materia

Complete Mission 6-1-3: Forager Chase to get this Materia as a prize. You’ll have to finish Missions 6-1-1 and 6-1-2 first (which open toward the beginning of Section 2). The actual mission shouldn’t present too numerous issues, particularly on the off chance that you’ve been doing a ton of the side substance as of now. Using “Snowstorm Edge” iconBlizzard Edge will take care of the Raijincho.

Fira Materia

You will not have the option to buy “Fira” iconFira until you open The Blissful Turtle Shop. You can, however, find “Fira” iconFira in a chest in both Mission 6-1-5 and Mission 6-2-4, the two of which you can open during Section 2.

Gravity Materia

Magic Pot In Crisis Core Reunion

Maybe the most troublesome one to find however assuming that you’re still on Magic Pot In Crisis Core Reunion, this is your lucky day. Visit the Materia Room in the Shinra Building and follow the cycle here to get the Expert Mako Stone Miner Prize/Accomplishment and you’ll get the “Gravity” iconGravity Materia as one of the prizes.

Attack Twister Materia

This is the simplest Materia out of the pack, Zack has “Attack Twister” iconAssault Twister relegated to him toward the beginning of Section 1.

Since it has become so obvious how to get the Magic Pot, make a point to look at these other Crisis Core Reunion articles for additional valuable aides and information.

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