How to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X

Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X from July 21st to July 29th, you may need to take a short break from time to time. This huge health tone can appear on any egg, but there is a big problem. It’s very rare. According to the Animal Simulator Fandom Wiki, the chance of hatching is one in two million, which is pretty cruel. On the other hand, there are unique enchantments and random enchantments such as “best friend” (meaning always stronger than best friend). And that’s a valuable resource, so let’s move on to the next section.

The value of the giant Hell Stone in the Pet Sim X (or Pet Simulator X) is 65 billion diamonds in the regular and gold versions and 325 million diamonds in the rainbow version. As far as we know, the value of the dark matter version, even if it exists, is unknown. The giant hell rock is worth both ways. It’s worth it, given the odds of getting it. Keep opening the egg (ideally a golden cracked egg if you have coins) and hope it falls from one.

How to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X

How to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X

Having trouble understanding how to get huge hell rocks with Pet Simulator X? Don’t worry, Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges we are here to help. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a giant hell rock with Pet Sim X, what’s your chance to get it, and how valuable it is.

Roblox Pet Simulator X is a game where you collect gold and diamonds to unlock pets and eggs from multiple levels. The higher the egg level, the better the pet. Pets range from cute rabbits to the most fierce dragons to the most majestic unicorns. Remembering all pets can be confusing, so here’s a list of all Roblox Pet Simulator X pets and eggs.

The reason for addingpets to the game is basically to compensate developers for minor accidents. The Pet Simulator X recently updated its Roblox  page to show that new updates will arrive when the game reaches 3 million likes. Well, BIG Games seemed to underestimate the number of enthusiastic fans who wanted to play the new update because the goal was reached so quickly.

How to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Simulator X

How do you make dark matter pets?

Once the requirements are met, creating these dark matter pets will be much easier. Go to Dark Tech World and you will see DarkMatterMachine. Here you can bake your pet into a better variety. Just click on the machine and select the rainbow pet you want to turn into a dark matter pet.

The product code described in connection with the Roblox Pet Simulator X is a code that can only be obtained by purchasing a real plush cat from the BigGamesShop. Due to limited stock, it may be sold out quite quickly at the time of release.

How do you get PogChamp?

To earn PogChamp achievements in Pet Simulator X, you need to go to Spawn World where you can buy all your eggs. When you get there, escape from the egg and go to the left side of the map. Look for the big blue building next to the VIP area.

You need up to 6 Golden Pets to use the machine. Analyze costs immediately. When you’re on the machine, enter as many pets as you want to use and press the button. Depending on the number of pets, your chances of having a rainbow pet will vary.

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