How to Get the Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core – Full Guide

Crisis Core sets Zack Fair in opposition to numerous exemplary Final Dream adversaries fans have come to cherish throughout the long term. You can add these well disposed enemies to your program as strong partners with a touch of additional work. One of the most entertaining little foes is a goblin in a container named Magic Pot, and he’s a critical resource once you select him in Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core. In Crisis Core Final Dream VII: Gathering, the DMW assumes an enormous part in battle. At the point when the reels stop on similar picture multiple times, you’ll get a cutoff break or summon. This page will let you know how to get the Magic Pot Summon.

The Magic Pot makes a victorious return in Fast Travel in Potion Permit, which isn’t an unexpected given how vigorously Crisis Core mines exemplary components from the original FF7. In Zack’s experience, the Magic Pot is in fact a summon.

Obviously, the way that summons work is a little divergent in Crisis Core. For a beginning they are gotten to through the as a rule irregular, gaming machine style DMW framework – and, surprisingly, then, the Magic Pot exists within ‘Chocobo Mode’, a less regularly occuring variation of the DMW reels. However, you can summon it – on the off chance that you obtain it.

This page will explain the speediest method for finding a Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core, and afterward how to fulfill it and open it as a summon. It’ll work on both exemplary Crisis Core on PSP and the Gathering remaster on current stages.

Find a Magic Pot in Crisis Core to open it as a summon

The Crisis Core Magic Pot is one of the more challenging discretionary DMW increments in the game – as it’s a battle to find one.

Of all the summons in the game, the Magic Pot is without a doubt the most fiddly to open. Definitely, the Cactaur expects you to pursue it across numerous side missions, and grabbing the Phoenix Materia as a component of the Nibelheim Miracles journey is effectively missable – yet this damn Magic Pot can find opportunity to show up.

This is the closely guarded secret. The Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core is an adversary that can show up aimlessly, yet just in certain missions. It generates in the ‘arbitrary’ experiences that you stroll into in those particular missions.

When you experience a Magic Pot, it will request that you hit it with explicit Materia assaults. You really want to have those assaults prepared when you experience the pot, or you’re up the creek without a paddle until the following time you experience it. Furthermore, the moves every Magic Pot requests to see contrasts starting with one phase then onto the next.

In request to find a Magic Pot in Crisis Core and afterward please it enough to have it join you as a partner, you should do the following:

All Missions where you can find Magic Pot in FF7 Crisis Core

There are four Missions you can find Magic Pot in Final Dream 7 Crisis Core Gathering. The following is a rundown of the four materia required for each experience with Magic Pot. Bring these Materia into the following missions to get everything Magic Pot brings to the table:

  • M2-5-4 or M2-5-5: Ultima, Tri-Fire, Iron Clench hand, and Shock
  • M7-6-6: Gil Toss, Expensive Punch, and Octoslash
  • M10-2-3: Bounce, Fira, Gravity, and Attack Twister

With this rundown, you can be prepared for each Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core. After you get the Magic Pot Deceives thing, you can in any case meet Magic Pot in nature. He’ll request that you utilize different Materia and reward you with uncommon things.

Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core

At the point when Magic Pot gets summoned by the DMW, you’ll basically take things from the adversary you are facing. Magic Pot is fundamentally using the Take materia, however it is a surefire achievement, and you’ll get various things.

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