How To Loop a Song On Spotify

In this article, you will learn about How To Loop a Song On Spotify. Putting a Spotify song on repeat is as easy as tapping or clicking a button. To put a song on repeat, all you’ll have to do is twofold tap the repeat button, which is available while you’re playing a song.

This is the way to do it on both the desktop app for Mac and PC, as well as the portable app for iPhone and Android gadgets.

How To Loop a Song On Spotify

How To Loop a Song On Spotify

Launch the Spotify web player and locate the song you want to put on repeat. Play the song, and then, at that point, observe the Repeat button in the media controls. Press the Repeat button two times; it will become green and display a 1. Press the Repeat button again to stop repeating the song.

How would I make a playlist repeat on Spotify?

To repeat an album or playlist on Spotify, start playing it, and press the Repeat button once. The Repeat button will become green, yet it won’t display a 1 as on the off chance that you squeezed the button two times. The playlist or album will play through and then, at that point, start playing again. On the off chance that you press the Repeat button two times and it displays a 1, this song will play on a loop.

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How to put a song on repeat on Spotify

  • Open the Spotify portable app.
  • Observe the song you might want to stick on repeat, and start playing it.
  • Full-screen the song by tapping its name at the bottom of the app. This will allow you to access the media controls at the bottom.
  • Locate the repeat button in the media controls. This seems as though two arrows rotating.
  • Assuming the button is gray, press it two times, so it becomes green with a ‘1’ image over the top. On the off chance that the button is green, yet doesn’t have a ‘1’ image on top, press it once.

How to Place a Song on Repeat on a Mobile Device

On your iPhone or Android gadget, open the Spotify app and play the music you wish to repeat. In the event that the album art and playback controls aren’t noticeable on the screen, tap the name of the song at the bottom of the screen.

Press and hold the repeat button that resembles two arrows orbiting each other. Once tapped, the icon will become green, indicating that the album or playlist is on repeat.

Hands-Free Spotify Music Loop

Spotify is the streaming app of decision for many music darlings. One reason for its significant popularity is access to thousands of songs, playlists, and podcasts anytime and from any gadget. Spotify also makes it easy to pay attention to your favorite songs repeatedly without the need to intercede physically. By enabling “Repeat,” you can pay attention to a playlist, album, or this song on a loop.

How To Loop a Song On Spotify

How to play the same song on repeat, on Spotify for Windows and in the web player

Assuming you’re utilizing the Spotify app for Windows or on the other hand on the off chance that you like to access Spotify in your internet browser, open it and start playing your desired song to tune in on repeat.

On the Now playing bar from the bottom of Spotify, search for a media control button that resembles two arrows all around. That’s the Repeat button.

Assuming you snap or tap on Repeat once, Spotify repeats the whole album or playlist that you’re paying attention to this moment. The button icon changes its tone to green, and a small dab appears beneath it.

How to Repeat a Spotify Song Indefinitely

At the point when you just can’t get enough of that one song, you can’t muster the energy to care whose you make crazy repeating that song again and again. Since you may already have that song in a playlist, tap the song, so it starts playing. Whenever you hear the music, tap on the song’s name on the same line as the pause and like options.

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