Find Out How To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces In GoW Ragnarok

Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces In GoW Ragnarok is ideal for the people who love beating strong adversaries and supervisors. If you really want to grind in the game then don’t hesitate to play the missions in No Kindness trouble mode. However, also don’t neglect to prepare and upgrade Kratos and Atreus with the best gears you can. Speaking of gears, Lunda’s Armor set is one of the best pieces of gear you’ll go over in the early stages of the game.

To obtain the armor pieces you should find them and do a small favor for Lunda. So without any further ado how about we see where you can find these scattered pieces of Lunda’s lost Armor in Divine GoW Ragnarok. In this aide, we’ll examine all the locations to obtain this arrangement of armor.

Armor sets in computer games are a tomfoolery and rewarding framework that has you find and gather all of the armor pieces that make up the same named armor set. Take Lunda’s Lost Armor in GoW Ragnarok. To have the option to craft it, you will initially have to find all three of Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces. Once you have done that, you can then make Lunda’s Lost Cuirass, Lunda’s Lost Bracers, and Lunda’s Lost Belt.

Among the wide array of armor sets available in Divine force of GoW Ragnarok, the Lunda Armor set, made by the Lunda’s Lost Cuirass, Lost Bracers, and Lost Belt can be considered one of the best. With that said, in request to open it, you should find all of its pieces and then have them repaired.

Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces In GoW Ragnarok


While the main thing Lunda wants you to find is the orb. Frost Axe In GoW Ragnarok uncovering her lost armor pieces will earn you a great armor set. There are three pieces to find and they are all thronw about the Vanaheim map.

The main piece you want to find is the Messed up Belt. To do this you really want to head down the stream on your boat until you find the Waterway Delta region. Dock your boat and go to the Noatun’s Garden location, you will find a gate with a diamond-shaped wall and it will shatter. Within lies a chest containing the first of Lunda’s lost pieces, the Messed up Belt.

Once you have the belt you can jump back into your boat and continue south until reaching the Cliffside Ruins. You will realize you are in the right area when you reach a gateway and see Brok and Lunda setting up shop. There will be a ruined tower that you can begin to climb. Once you start seeing poisonous green plants you ought to obliterate all of them and you can now access a chest. Open it to obtain the second of Lunda’s lost pieces, the Wrecked Bracers.


After getting the Bracers, stay in the area and investigate the vicinity, search for a chain stuck behind some red foliage. To open this area, you want to utilize Freya’s abilities to mark the wall with sigils and then utilize the Blades of Chaos on them to consume with smoldering heat the foliage. This will release the chain and you can now scale it to another area.

There will be a runic slate at the top, interact with it and a rune will appear across the way. Press square and the stone wall will fall, opening up another path. Head back to your boat and you can now paddle through this new path to open the Goddess Falls area.

Continue along the area until you reach a cave. Upon reaching the Hidden Passage area, you will actually want to dock on the right part of the waterway. Search for an item to get. This will be the mysterious orb Lunda has been after. In any case, before you head back to give Lunda the orb, you ought to make sure to triumph ultimately the last of the lost armor pieces.

Where To Find Lunda’s Lost Armor Pieces In GoW Ragnarok

For what reason did the divine beings betray Kratos?

Originally, Ares was the radical against Olympus. He was the bad fellow and Kratos was the instrument Olympus used to take Ares down.

At the point when Kratos opened the case, he released some black poop that got into the divine beings and infected Olympus. Aside from each Olympian having skeletons in their wardrobes, they were fair rulers. Whatever that black poop was in the case, it put fear in them. Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers They went from okay individuals to full on executioners in attack mode.

The crazy part is before you kill Zeus, that black fiendish poop leaves his body. So he’s the regular Zeus that cares for Kratos. Kratos doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that so the game makes you kill him.

In this way, in the main Lord of War we are told that Kratos is a mortal. It’s not until the second game we learn he is a demi-god. Regardless of this fact, the outcome is the same: no mortal being might actually expect to defeat or kill a divine being. Substantially less Ares, the Lord of War!

However, Kratos isnt any regular mortal. He is a strong and arrogant Spartan general, picked and favored by the divine beings themselves. He served Ares for quite a long time as a younger fighter and became his personal master once he swore his life to Ares’ cause. I’m fairly certain that being Ares’ picked warmonger has its advantages.

For what reason did Kratos kill Cronos?

Back in GOW III, Kratos was determined to kill Zeus only, however he would also kill any God or mythological creature that wanted to stop him.

With Cronos, it was a similar yet more complicated scenario. They’ve already met previously, way back in GOW I when Cronos was doing Zeus’ bidding, carrying Pandora’s sanctuary:

It was part of his journey of killing Ares, so Kratos had to ascend and enter the sanctuary. After he opened the Pandora’s case later however, the Divine beings were consumed by the Disasters kept within the crate, and Zeus was consumed by the evil of fear, fear of Kratos and the threat he addressed.

Since Cronos was the one who failed to stop Kratos from reaching Pandora’s crate, Zeus rebuffed him by banishing him to the Tartarus. Damnation basically.

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