How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

Today, we will show you How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock. At the beginning of the game, the most ideal way to get Water in My Time at Sandrock is by focusing on gathering Wood, Stone, and Plants in the areas immediately to the south and west of your Workshop. As time goes on, however, you’ll get more Workbenches and machines – – and that implies you would need to invest a ton of energy harvesting materials just to get Dew.

How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

You’ll begin to gather Data Disks whenever you’ve started diving into Ruins – – these can be utilized to investigate new Workbenches, one of which is the Dew Collector. Every Dew Collector inactively gathers somewhat more than 2 Dew consistently, saving you the difficulty of worrying too much about Water.

How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

At the Water World shop, you can buy water from the seller there. You’ll need to return there every day to buy water straightforwardly from the merchant and bring it back to your Workshop. At your Workshop, you need to put it inside of your Water Tank. You can perceive how much water is utilized for every one of the machines you effectively use. As you add more machines to your Workshop, you can hope to require more water inside of your tank to keep them running.

Alternatively, you can make water at your Worktable by collecting Dew. Dew gets the opportunity to drop while you’re harvesting plant-based asset hubs in your neighborhood Apex Legends, as any of the grass tiles you gather using your Ax. You likewise get the opportunity to obtain Dew while cutting down trees, however you need to ensure you try not to chop down any close to Sandrock, or you can hope to pay a fine.


Water is utilized as a cooling help to keep crafting stations from overheating. Assuming the water tank runs void all crafting stations will stop creation. Water is likewise utilized in farming.

Getting Water in My Time at Sandrock

Pathea’s latest solution to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley features a ton of interesting new interactivity subtleties. One such subtlety is the mechanical capacity of cooling off machines that leaves water as perhaps the main asset.

In My Time at Sandrock, water can be bought or made, however should be reliably gathered in gigantic sums. Players should fabricate infrastructure after some time to take advantage of their water and guarantee their machines work without overheating.

How to Get Water in My Time at Sandrock

Crafting Water Using Dew

The essential technique for getting water in My Time at Sandrock is crafting it at your Worktable using Dew. You can obtain Dew from logs and hedges around your studio. Your smartest option will be Yakthorn and Yellow Lavender shrubberies when you initially start. As you work on your hatchet, Deadwood trees and logs on the ground will give much more Dew. Be mindful so as not to chop down any prickly plants or living Boxtrees. In the event that you are found chopping them down repeatedly, you’ll be punished.

One more strategy for obtaining Dew is by researching the Dew Collector at the Research Center using eight Data plates. In the wake of researching and building the collector, place it down in your studio region. Over the long haul, it will gather Dew for you to use to create water.

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