How To Mute Teammates in Apex Legends

Have companions who are somewhat over-excited when on voice Mute Teammates in Apex Legends? Tired of being cooperated with individuals from different nations who like to talk in a language you don’t have any idea? Really like to have music behind the scenes and use ping instead of voice? Provided that this is true, this tutorial is for you as I’m going to show you how to mute your teammates in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 6 will be arriving soon, and players are waiting anxiously to partake in the new difficulties coming forward. The Remove Muzzle Flash Apex Legends game has been intriguing various gamers locally with the allowed to-play interface.

However, with a steadily increasing client base, numerous players join matches from distinct spots on the planet. Thus, in the event that you don’t have a group, then, at that point, you have no control over who will be your colleague. While certain teammates can be enjoyable to play with, some can excruciatingly pester.

As the most recent fight royale game out of Respawn Entertainment, Mute Teammates in Apex Legends intensely depends in a concentration around group play. With a class-based framework and crews of three, the game highlights mechanics like Jumpmasters, a broad ping framework, and its own voice visit framework to urge players to cooperate to win each match.

Apex Legends is a well known multiplayer group game you can play with companions or irregular individuals. Since cooperation is a critical piece of this game, communicating with your teammates is fundamental. The most effective way to talk with your teammates is through the in-game voice visit, which permits you to convey by means of the mouthpiece.

How To Mute Teammates in Apex Legends

Muting teammates ought to be a move after all other options have run out yet despite the fact that I have just been playing a month, I have done this multiple occasions. I love the multicultural part of gaming and its worldwide allure however I additionally prefer to have the option to comprehend what is being said and don’t necessarily in all cases need to know what’s happening in different pieces of your home.

You have two choices to Mute Teammates in Apex Legends. You can switch voice off altogether in the Settings menu or specifically mute teammates while in game. I’ll show you both.

To switch voice off forever:

  • Go to Settings from the main hall screen.
  • Select Audio and turn Voice Chat to 0.

There doesn’t seen to be an on/off toggle so turning the volume down is the following best thing. There is a setting to turn incoming voice visit to discourse however I haven’t attempted that one yet.

Advantages and disadvantages of voice visit in Apex Legends

There is no question that voice comms in games can be a power for good however it has disadvantages too.

Experts of voice comms:

Instant correspondence

Apex Legends is quick and excited on occasion and voice imparts quicker than ping. That ping framework is magnificent however not generally quickly enough to pass sufficient information on to your Mute Teammates in Apex Legends. Voice can.


The voiceovers in Apex Legends work effectively of making calmer games appear to be occupied and add an environment to each coordinate yet doesn’t rival genuine players. In the event that you’re cooperated with companions or pleasant individuals, it’s cool to associate during calmer periods, have a speedy talk, gain some new useful knowledge and extend your points of view.

Mute Teammates in Apex Legends

The cons of voice comms:

Verbal loose bowels

You frequently get excessively friendly individuals who need to share biographies, inform you regarding their old neighborhood or simply maintain that somebody should converse with. That is fine to a limited extent yet assuming you’re in a quicker paced game and things are happening, you want voice comms for the game and not really for sharing recollections.


Apex Legends is a worldwide peculiarity and is all the better for it however I can communicate in English and French. Collaborate with players in those dialects Mute Teammates in Apex Legends. Collaborate with one of the many different dialects and I am all the way completely lost. As well as not being ready to comprehend what is being said, a few dialects out there truly hurt my ears!

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