How to Change your Twitch Username on a Desktop

Change your Twitch Username on a Desktop in the event that you could do without your ongoing Twitch name. And you’d rather be it something else. It’s easy to change both your username and your display name on Twitch.

We should make this clear first: your Twitch display name is only the capitalized (or non-capitalized) version of your Twitch username. So for example, if your username is Mahesh. Your display name should be Mahesh yet with any letter in the name being lowercase or uppercase. The accepted display names incorporate mAhesh, MAHESH, mahESH, and so on.

At the point when you change your Twitch username, your profile URL also changes. The old profile URL won’t divert to the upgraded one, so you should tell individuals of your new profile and manually update any connections. You will also require a checked email address in your Twitch account to change your username.

In the Change Username box that opens, click the “Username” field and type your new username. Then click Update.

How to Change your Twitch Username on a Desktop

How to Change your Twitch Username on a Desktop

You can change your Twitch name in a couple of steps under the profile settings. Block Ads on Twitch Note that your channel URL will change with the name – after all, that’s how most clients find your Twitch channel.

To turn into a Twitch streamer and advance a channel with Twitch tutorials or game streams, you’ll require an unmistakable name. Be that as it may, what on the off chance that your old Twitch name no longer accommodates your streaming content? It’s basic, change it! Twitch makes it easy for you to change your username on a cellphone or PC.

Changing your Twitch username is a fairly straight-forward process, however it may accompany a few inconveniences, similar to another channel URL.

We’ve all utilized usernames we’d rather not talk about, especially while gaming. Whether you’re making a major change to your Twitch channel branding, want to change your potentially hostile username after hearing Twitch is cracking down on certain names, or have recently concluded that “xXheadsh0tKing69Xx” simply isn’t who you are anymore — don’t stress. You can change.

How to Change your Twitch Username on a Desktop

Can you edit your username on Twitch?

The positive news: Twitch presently offers you a tool to change your username once at regular intervals. Username changes won’t be allowed during an active broadcast and won’t be handled when an active VOD upload is forthcoming.

A large amount of cache and treats in your program is one of the reasons for the “Twitch can’t change username” issue. You can have a go at clearing program cache and treats to fix it.

Are Twitch usernames lowercase?

Generally, they mean the same thing, however there is an unpretentious contrast — your Twitch username is always lower case, while your display name allows for capitalization. Your display name will appear in your Twitch account profile and appear close to your name in a Twitch streamer’s chat channel.

At the point when you’re ready to go live, simply click “Start Stream” at the bottom of the Twitch Studio app. Pick your stream category, enter your livestream title, and snap “Go Live” to start streaming. And that’s all there is to it!

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