V Rising Whetstone: How to Get One and Craft a Grinde

Whetstone while you probably will not be crafting Whetstones for your most memorable Grinder, eventually you will want a way to generate these yourself without having to kill a lot of bandits.

To do that, you will want to kill Grayson, the Armorer. Grayson’s one of the game’s supervisors, yet he’s no pushover. He’s level 27, meaning you’ll have to get through a good amount of armor and weapon upgrades to have the option to venture to him. To track down him, head over to your Blood Altar and select his outline. This will direct you to where he’s located on the map.

In the event that you can find and best him, you’ll gain the ability to craft Whetstone. When you have the recipe, you simply have to place Stone Dust and Copper Ingots into the Furnace.

That’s about everything you want to be aware of acquiring Whetstones. When you have them, you can start creating your Stone Bricks, which will be a major advance towards setting up your castle where you can start to construct your vampiric domain.

V Rising Whetstone: How to Get One and Craft a Grinde

V Rising Whetstone: How to Get One and Craft a Grinde

You’ll have to grab at least four Whetstone from bandit camps as drops to make a Grinder. Connect My Xbox Controller To My iPhone You can steal from chests, defeat foes, or even break barrels and designs to get Whetstone. While we found Whetstone in random bandit camp chests, we tracked down a ton in the Bandit Armory, specifically.

Grayson is definitely not a particularly hard battle, as his attacks are telegraphed and you will be given a lot of opportunity to evade. He drops traps all over the floor during the battle, which can be cleared by utilizing the nearby armor to turn invincible and break them. We had the option to beat him at level 24.

When you take him down, you will open the ability to make Whetstone in the Furnace. You’ll require Stone Dust and Copper Ingots to make Whetstone, which ought to be no issue, as lengthy as you opened the Grinder in the above advance.

V Rising Whetstone: How to Get One and Craft a Grinde

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Whenever you’ve picked a stone, basically run your dull blades over the stone until they’re sharp again. Assuming that you’ve utilized an even hand, your knives will feel like new. Get out the knives you might want to sharpen.

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