How to Find the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy

It’s an unwritten law of the universe that you never lay hands upon another individual’s treats. You simply don’t make it happen, and anybody who does it necessities to surrender it, in case they upset the equilibrium of the universe. To ultimately benefit the universe, this is the way to find the stolen lollipops and recuperate other confections in Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy.

This guide shows how to finish the “Find the Stolen Lollipops” objective in the Recover Candies Side Quest in the Tower of Fantasy game. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG Gacha Game that was delivered overall on eleventh August 2022.

In Tower of Fantasy, covetousness drove people to obliterate their Advance Equipment in Tower of Fantasy, and they dared to a far off planet called Aida to begin another one. Taking spot in the far future, the game offers Missions that help players in understanding the world storyline better. Vagabonds can likewise gain materials, step up, and procure awards while completing these journeys.

There are a wide range of journeys that you’ll be completing in the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy. At times you will manage 50+ adversaries with robots and blasts, and some of the time, you will be looking for stolen candy for little young ladies that were playing find the stowaway.

How to Find the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy

In request to recuperate the Stolen Lollipops, players need to set out on an undertaking to find Lina, who’s hiding behind Fennie’s kitchen. However, to find Lina’s hiding place, drifters should initially finish a couple of journeys to uncover her area.

How To Start The Stolen Lollipops Mission

The Tower of Fantasy’s Stolen Lollipops Side Mission begins in the wake of talking to Lynx at Astra Shelter, who will explain to drifters how he got back a shipment from Banges for the upcoming occasions, yet a lot of snot-nosed whelps stole a lot of confections for themselves, and won’t let him know where they concealed it. Then, Lynx requests that players assist with locating the stolen merchandise.

However, vagabonds should find Lily in request to help him since she holds urgent information about the little criminal’s area.

Where To Find Lily

Hiding behind a tree not too distant from Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy, Lily becomes dubious of the methodology. Since she thinks vagabonds are helping Lina win their find the stowaway game, she will not respond to additional inquiries concerning Lina’s area in request to keep her possibilities winning portion of the guaranteed lollipops.

This is except if players are willing to offer her a few confections too, for example, Sugar Papers.

To gain her trust, gather five sacks of Sugar Papers, which are green and red packs that are dispersed all around Astra’s safe house. Some Sugar Papers’ areas are:

Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy

  • Close to Layla, over the Container
  • Around Nico, behind a little stone
  • Close to the tree where Lily is hiding
  • In the round room, on the steps
  • Before the plant pots, outside the Plant Research

Lily will spill Lina’s whereabouts subsequent to getting the Sugar Papers.

Where To Find Lina

When players obtain Lina’s area from Lily, they can find her hiding close to Fennie’s. Make a beeline for her area and stop for a moment to talk with the young lady, who will overreact after hearing that Mr. Lynx lost a few lollipops and will deny truly seeing them.

However, subsequent to comforting her and reassuring her that Mr. Lynx won’t think that she was behind the burglary of his stolen confections, she will surrender and give up the Stolen Lollipops.

In request to get all the Stolen Lollipops in Tower of Fantasy prizes from this side mission, make a beeline for Lynx and hand over all the gathered sweets. He will then guarantee players that he won’t allow the children to move away the following time they choose to take his confections again.

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