Genshin Impact: The Best Weapon For Rosaria

Mondstadt local Rosaria is an individual from the Church of Favonius Best Weapon For Rosaria in Genshin Impact. A Cryo-utilizing, polearm-employing mainstay of solidarity, you can get her through Wishes at an ordinary rate. She offers solid harm in fight, and is an extraordinary choice for an actual DPS for your group.

You’ll need to zero in on her Crit harm and crude actual harm while picking a weapon to prepare, eventually determined to make her your fundamental DPS, or if nothing else your vitally actual DPS. The more remarkable the polearm you give her, the more harm she’ll convey in less blows, making fast wins her ability.

Rosaria in Genshin Impact has a great deal of values that numerous Travelers are passing up. The Favonius Nun can give both harm and steady worth to her group, making her an incredible unit as a Make 3 Special Unmoving Essential Oils. Her Elemental Skill and Burst bargain nice harm, and Rosaria is likewise perhaps the best battery in Genshin Impact.

To add to that, Rosaria additionally makes them buff gifts in her units. With her Elemental Burst, she can allow up to 15% Critical Rate and lessen the foe’s Physical Resistance by 20%. Since the Nun can do various positions, it’s best assuming that players grasp Rosaria’s best weapon for each job.

Rosaria is a playable Best Weapon For Rosaria in Genshin Impact. She is one of the solid Cryo clients in the game and can do a ton with a decent group. She is subsidiary with the Church of Favonius, situated in Mondstadt, one of the seven countries in Teyvat.

Genshin Impact: The Best Weapon For Rosaria

The Blackcliff Pole – Four Star

The Blackcliff Pole can be acquired from Paimon’s Bargains. At the point when you give it to Rosaria, it will expand her Base Attack from 42 to 510, contingent upon what level she is, and it gives her a 12 to 55.1 percent lift to her Crit Damage through its substat.

Whenever you’ve crushed an objective, her Attack is expanded by 12% for as long as 30 seconds. This can be stacked multiple times, and each stack is autonomous of the rest, meaning you can continue to stack as they wear off.

The Crescent Pike – Four Star

Best Weapon For Rosaria

The Crescent Pike is by and large a number one in Genshin Impact, since you can forge it yourself at the metal forger’s shop. It helps Rosaria’s Base Attack from 44 to 565, contingent upon her level, and its optional detail of Physical Damage gives a reward 7.5 to 34.5 percent.

After you’ve acquired an Elemental Orb or Particle, her Normal and Charged Attacks will bargain 20 extra percent harm for as long as five seconds. This, Best Weapon For Rosaria matched with the Physical Damage support, makes it an optimal weapon for principle DPS Rosaria.

The Deathmatch – Four Star

To get the Deathmatch you’ll must have a Battle Pass, which accompanies Adventure Rank 20. It’s genuinely simple to step up, however, so this is certainly not a central issue. When you have, furnishing Rosaria with it will build her Base Attack from 41 to 454, in view of level. It likewise has an optional detail of Crit Rate, which offers an eight percent to 36.8 percent help.

Assuming that at least two adversaries are close by, Attack is expanded by 16%, as well as Defense. In the event that there’s just a single adversary, Attack will get a 24 percent help.

The Dragonspine Spear – Four Star

Best Weapon For Rosaria

There are two methods for getting the Dragonspine Spear: either through forging it yourself at the smithy’s shop, or from finishing the Festering Fang mission. Notwithstanding how you get it, you’ll get a Base Attack increase in the middle of 41 and 454 when you prepare it, contingent upon Rosaria’s level. The Best Weapon For Rosaria optional detail is a Physical Damage reward of 15 to 69 percent.

In the event that you hit a foe with a Normal or Charged Attack, it has a 60 percent opportunity to form and drop an Everfrost Icicle, which will bargain 80% Attack harm in AoE. In the event that a rival is impacted by Cryo (which is what Rosaria is), Attack Damage is then 200% from the Icicle. This will happen like clockwork.

The Favonius Lance – Four Star

The Favonius Lance is acquired through Wishes at an ordinary rate. Rosaria’s Base Attack increments by somewhere in the range of 44 and 565, with a substat of Energy Recharge. However she doesn’t actually require the Energy Recharge, it is a useful 6.7 to 30.6 percent expansion. This will keep her on the war zone longer to give out more harm.

Her Crit hits will have a 60 percent opportunity to make Elemental Particles. Those will thusly produce another six Energy like clockwork. Once more, despite the fact that this isn’t the region Best Weapon For Rosaria needs assistance. It permits you to involve her as a fundamental DPS without depending on having a healer in the group.

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