How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

Indiana Jones — a man named after the family canine — has shown up in Find the Secret Door in Fortnite alongside another area on the Chapter 3 guide devoted to the Nazi-fighting excavator.

That area is called Shuffled Shrines and it’s altogether committed to our bullwhipping, treasure-hunting legend and his past cinematic outings. There’s even a symbol formed like the Durrburger.

A secret door has showed up in Fortnite, however where could you at any point find it? As a component of the Indiana Jones challenges, you’ll have to find the secret door in Shuffled Shrines to open the Indy’s Dustoff act out — which is likely Fortnite’s most nostalgic act out to date. To open this test, you probably finished the principal page of Indy difficulties to open the subsequent page.

To find the Fortnite secret door past the main Combine the Relic Shards in the Main Chamber in Fortnite, you must settle an image puzzle to arrive at the main chamber. Whenever you have inside and dodged the Fortnite traps ahead, you can finally find that secret door.

You’ll have to have finished the main page of Indiana Jones provokes in request to gain admittance to the subsequent page, which includes this specific undertaking.

Finding the entry to the Find the Secret Door in Fortnite is only one stage in this journey, however, as the need might arise to visit a couple of additional areas in Shuffled Shrines to sort out the riddle that opens the door past the main chamber and the secret door within it.

How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

To get to the main chamber and find the secret door at Shuffled Shrines in Fortnite, you first need to tackle the runes image puzzle before the main chamber door. This involves exploring the region around Shuffled Shrines looking for four rune images.

You want to observe what images show up on the stone runes, working your direction from west to east, if looking at the guide. Fortunately, the runes are constantly situated in precisely the same region each match. However, the images that show up on the runes are different each match, meaning the riddle answer for gain access to the secret door area will change each time you start another match.

Moreover, similar as Logjam Lotus, the designs around Find the Secret Door in Fortnite can change between matches. This will change how to get to a stone rune area, yet it won’t change where they are found. We had two construction changes while exploring Shuffled Shrines, yet there could be more.

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines rune symbol locations

To open the main chamber door and find the secret door, you really want to find four rune images around Shuffled Shrines and coordinate their images with the rune puzzle beyond the main chamber door.

As referenced over, the right images will change each match, so you really want to observe the right riddle arrangement everytime you need to open the main chamber door and find the secret door.

Underneath, you’ll find map areas and what the overall area around the four stone runes seems to be, yet recall, our images will not be equivalent to yours.

Rune image Location 1

The principal rune image you’ll have to observe is situated in the southwestern area of Find the Secret Door in Fortnite, in the lower region of the sanctuary ruins. On the off chance that looking at your guide, it’s between the left and center petals under the purple tree image.

Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

We ran over two doors over this area, depending on what designs brought forth at Shuffled Shrines. One was a little opening in the ground with an ascender leading down, and the other was through a stone doorway.

Rune image Location 2

From the principal rune image area, travel north up the little slope. Assuming looking at your guide, the second rune image area is to the northwest of Shuffled Shrines, close to the inward bend of the purple tree image.

Depending on what format you get, the rune image will either be on the ground in an edge of a stone building, or out in the open close to a harmed wall. You’ll realize you’re close in the event that you can see a reboot van in the distance.

Rune image Location 3

The third rune image is situated in the northern area of Shuffled Shrines, at the top of the slope. It’s simply past the subsequent rune and a reboot van.

Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

Our rune was situated in the ground close to a red haven in both Shuffled Shrines designs we ran over. At the point when you arrive, take a note of your image, then bounce down to the wooden pens beneath.

Rune image Location 4

The fourth and final rune is situated to the northeast of Shuffled Shrines, on the ground inside one of the wooden pens on the lower region.

The overall area of the pens ought to appear to be identical, however structures around the rune could change. Observe your final image, and since it is now so obvious each of the four, now is the ideal time to enter the right riddle arrangement and gain admittance to the main chamber and secret door area!

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