Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

The arrival of Color Bottles in Chapter 2 – Season 8 has a ton of Fortnite players wondering where to find Rainbow Rentals on the guide. This guide will address the inquiry, “where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?” as well as help perusers where to find Color Bottles of Banana Yellow in Rainbow Rentals.

As you manage the assortment of Color Bottles in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, you’ll ultimately need to search out the Color Bottles for Banana Yellow. These Color Bottles can be found at a spot called Rainbow Rentals. On the off chance that you’ve never visited Rainbow Rentals and aren’t don’t know where to find it, or you’re having inconvenience find all the Color Bottles there, we take care of you.

Rainbow Rentals is an area in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 that players are expected to visit if they have any desire to update Toona Fish. The Battle Pass skin can be opened on the main page and players can then begin the upgrading system by either finding Rainbow Ink, to change Toona Fish’s styles, or by finding Color Bottles, which change the skin’s tone. Players should visit Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite in request to open the Banana Yellow tone for Toona Fish.

There’s loads of spots to land in Fortnite when players step beyond the Battle Bus, and a greater part generally fly to the significant areas. However, for the less popular areas, they ordinarily see not many individuals all things considered. Bean Bag Emote in Fortnite isn’t an awful spot to land, and this is the way to find it.

Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

The name Rainbow Rentals doesn’t show up on the guide, in this way numerous Fortnite players are new to the area. Moreover, Rainbow Rentals is on the edge of the island and far removed, and with average plunder, best case scenario, Fortnite players could go their entire playing profession without stepping foot into Rainbow Rentals.

However, Chapter 2 – Season 8 finally allows Fortnite players an opportunity to look at the lovely Rainbow Rentals milestone. Three Banana Yellow Color Bottles are concealed around the vicinity of Rainbow Rentals.

Fortnite players can gather Color Bottles and use them to customize the Toona Fish Battle Pass skin. Like the Kymera outsider skin and Alien Artifacts from Season 7, the more Color Bottles a player gathers, the more customisation choices open up for Toona Fish.

To paint Toona Fish in one’s number one tones, Fortnite players should accumulate the fitting Color Bottles. There are north of 40 unique arrangements of Color Bottles in total for players to gather.

Finding Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

To find Rainbow Rentals, players should land at Holly Hedges and find a weapon or two. This guarantees that a foe looking for a similar Color Bottles doesn’t get a simple kill. When players have some stuff, they can travel southwest to the waterfront ocean side. Rainbow Rentals is situated on the far west side of the guide, southwest of Holly Hedges.

Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

Finding Banana Yellow Color Bottles

At the point when players show up at Rainbow Rentals, they can search for the three Color Bottles. These are found at the following areas:

  • On the rocks overlooking the ocean side under the trees
  • In the center house
  • Near the ocean in the middle of certain stones

Whenever players have seen as every one of the three of the Color Bottles. They’ll open the Banana Yellow tone for Toona Fish. They can prepare this tone in the Locker, under the “Alter” area for Toona Fish.

There’s some chests here, and the remote location will ensure that players will always. The upper hand when they see someone coming in the distance. Take some time to get to know this location, and collect those Banana Yellow bottles.


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