How to Start and Complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

Complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online As the protagonist of GTA Online, you will help IAA-affiliated agents ULP perform counter-monitoring and espionage against the FIB. As part of this operation, up to four IAA support teams have unveiled a plot to intervene in a deal between the FBI and the oil king Dagan family and ultimately revive the villain’s worst AI Clifford. And fortunately, Agent ULP is looking for almost every criminal in Los Santos, regardless of reputation or fortune.

After attending the GTA online session, Agent ULP called me looking for a skilled and infamous volunteer to fight rival government agencies. When this call is complete, a yellow U icon will appear on the world map of the IAA Headquarters Tower on Pillbox Hill. Drive to this location and enter the yellow mission ring on the ground, opening the lobby for one to four players for the first mission of Operation Paper Trail.

How to start and complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

How to Start and Complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises is finally here. Scarecrow in Dinkum This means that the Operation Paper Trail is ready. For the first time in the series, players can pledge as official IAA agents. Agent ULP is currently investigating a mysterious rise in the price of mercy. He believes the Dagan criminal family is behind this, so he needs an agent to cover up and confirm his suspicions.

The Operation Paper Trail is the main purpose of the GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Story. One to four players can participate in this mission chain. They just need to point in the right direction where to go.

Here’s what you need to know before you start: players will need to visit the IAA headquarters in downtown Los Santos. The agent ULP marks a location on the map. All the player has to do is search for the letter “U”. You can always use the purple GPS route to get faster.

When you arrive in front of the building, you need to step into the yellow corona. Now you can start the paper trail operation of GTA Online Criminal Enterprise. Please note that players will need to revisit IAAHQ each time they access a new mission.

How to start and complete Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online

How do I start MOC missions?

Inside the Mobile Operations Center is an LCD screen where you can see your username and password. The player needs to access it and the mobile control screen is displayed. Select the desired mission and click the “Start Mission” button.

This week, the choice of chaotic modes in DNA is back. Overtime rumble, overtime shootout, inch-by-inch, running back (remix). Be sure to get a kick while it is playable.

Can you do MOC missions alone?

Unfortunately, fans that want to do MOC missions solo are out of luck because GTA Online requires at least two players for activation, so that`s not gonna happen.

To purchase a MOC, players must first buy a Bunker to store it. To then unlock MOC Missions, they will need to complete the required number of resupply missions. A total of 14 such tasks will unlock every single MOC mission.

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