How to Check Purchase History in Valorant

In the event that you have burned through cash on Valorant, you could have considered how much cash you have spent such a long ways in the game. However, the game has no highlights to check the Valorant purchase history in-game. However, stress not, there is a simple method for Check Purchase History in Valorant. On the off chance that you too, in the same way as other others, are looking for a way, you can peruse underneath to find out how to do as such.

Without Googling around, it’s not promptly clear where you can see how much cash that you have spent in Valorant. Albeit not promptly self-evident or intuitive, Riot has a method for checking your Valorant purchase history.

So you have purchased loads of skins over the course of your time in Valorant and need to check what you have amassed. Drop Spike In Valorant has an in-game store where you can spend genuine cash, and it comes in the type of VP; there are bunches of restorative things that you can purchase in Valorant, and it additionally accompanies Bundles and various offers. Some of the time, we can’t resist the urge to purchase beauty care products that make our main specialists or champions look phenomenal alongside the weapons and different highlights.

Here is a straightforward method for Check Purchase History in Valorant. You can visit Riot Games’ true purchase history page, you can research it immediately, or you can click here. What’s more, after you do as such, log your record in, and you’re there.

How to Check Purchase History in Valorant

Checking Valorant’s Purchase History

Since you can’t see the sum and the things you purchased in the game, you should go to Valorant’s true help site by Riot Games. When you are on the page, guarantee you are signed in. On the off chance that you are not, you will see a Log In button instead of the Get My Check Purchase History in Valorant button.

You can follow the bit by bit guide underneath to get the records of the things you purchased:

  • Send off your favored program and open Valorant’s Support Website for purchase history.
  • Raise a ruckus around town In button and utilize the certifications of the record you want the purchase history for.
  • After you effectively sign in, hit the Get My Purchase button situated in the center of the page.

  • You can now see the rundown of dates you added the Valorant points (Valorant’s in-game money) in the game.

You will actually want to see the rundown of the relative multitude of times you made a purchase alongside the cash you spent close to it. Moreover, you can likewise see the Valorant Points you added or deducted because of the purchase alongside the installment strategy.

Changed Your Mind? Check the Refund Policy of Valorant Below

Valorant likewise has a discount cycle that you can use on the off chance that you utilize your mind. However, it is ideal to recall that you can discount the Check Purchase History in Valorant points or the skins you purchased within 14 days of the purchase.

Thus, assuming you have a shift in perspective about getting an Agent with the Valorant points, kindly ensure that you don’t utilize the points and follow the discount cycle before 14 days of the purchase.

You can go through the discount strategy set by Riot Games beneath:

Check Purchase History in Valorant

  • You can discount Valorant Points and Weapon Skins.
  • The thing or the Valorant Point isn’t qualified for a discount once you hit the 14-day mark.
  • You can’t discount the skins you get past Agent contracts or the Agents you purchased using VP.
  • You can discount the unused substance.

These are the central issues to recall while buying Check Purchase History in Valorant to purchase Agents or to discount the points you purchased. You can continuously go to the arrangement site of Riot Games to guarantee you fit the measures prior to taking any significant stages.

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