What Are The Most Fun Mythology Slots?

The popularity of slots has risen consistently in the last few years. Companies like NetEnt and Playtech release games with better graphics, animations, and soundtracks every year, trying to outdo one another, and fans couldn’t be happier.

If there’s a theme that slot game designers prefer is mythology. The most popular games have featured characters and creatures from different legends and cultures like Cleopatra, trolls and fates. With so many to choose from, it could be difficult for fans of the genre to know which to play, but there are a handful that stand out from the crowd.

The Troll’s Treasure

Although leprechauns are creatures mostly associated with hidden treasures, in Norse mythology trolls are morally ambiguous but physically powerful beings that live deep underground. The Troll’s Treasure has a vastly less sinister and more playful tone though, with colorful runes spinning around and mischievous-looking trolls making occasional appearances to reward the player. It’s a cute and fun game for fans of these particular creatures.

Age of the Gods

Greek gods are among the favorites of slot game developers. However, if there’s one that has managed to use the symbolism associated with this pantheon to create an engaging experience is Age of Gods. The game developed by Playtech became so successful that it spawned multiple sequels following a similar theme like Prince of Olympus and Goddess of Wisdom. If there’s something to praise about these games though is the amazing art direction that manages to make the game appealing even during slow rounds.

Amazing Link Fates

This Foxy Bingo jackpot game revolves around three old women that according to Greek mythology would decide the destiny of every person on the planet. They would do it by making a string that represented someone’s timeline and making choices about the challenges they would experience as well as the length of their lives. In the game, you can see every reward fall in the hands of the Fates, who will ultimately decide how fortunate or unfortunate the player will be.

Valley of Fortunes

This 5×3 game does a great job at using music and symbols to make the player feel like they are exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb. However, something surprisingly entertaining about this game is the animation and sounds that accompany the destruction of bricks. The sound of the bricks falling on top of the others, only to be destroyed by explosions and lighting is so rewarding that it makes you want to keep playing a bit more.

Book of King Arthur

The legend of King Arthur has been featured in different types of media. The popularity of the character even brought famous actors like Clive Owen and Charlie Hunnam to portray him on screen. The Book of King Arthur uses symbols associated with the British legend like the Holy Grail and the sword Excalibur, which allow the player to relive the story while they try to line up the right symbols on the screen. It also provides the chance of winning prizes worthy of a king.

Slot games are severely underrated. They tend to be seen as idle games that have nothing to offer. However, those passionate about the hobby know that companies put a lot of work into researching the themes behind each one of these games so that players are kept engaged every time they play. And like this genre, there are many other underrated types of games to discover. So if you want to know more, give us a visit soon to check more of our gaming content at Gamers Menu.

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