Information About The All Open Distance Esports Tournament

General Provisions

  1. Goals And Objectives Of The Tournament: 

  • activation of the cognitive, intellectual initiative of student youth, involving them in team activities in the field of e-sports;
  • identifying talented, gifted students in the field of e-sports, providing them with moral and material support;
  • establishing contacts with students from Russia and foreign countries, exchanging experience between them in the field of e-sports;
  • development of team interaction skills, strategic thinking, speed of reaction;
  • popularization of e-sports among schoolchildren and youth, drawing public attention to the problems of e-sports development.

The esports tournaments provide for the participation of teams in the computer network game DOTA 2.

The organizers of the Tournament are the All-Russian Children’s Public Organization “Public Minor Academy of Sciences “Intellect of the Future” (hereinafter referred to as IAS “Intellect of the Future”), LLC REC “Rosintal”.

  1. Nominations of the Tournament 

The Organizing Committee of the Tournament establishes the following additional nominations:

  • “Best Carry Player”
  • “Best Support Player”
  • “Best Solo Middle Player”
  • “The most interesting team (according to the organizers)”
  • “The fastest “First Blood””
  • Participants Of The Tournament

Citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries aged 14 to 20 can take part in the Tournament.

  • The Procedure For Holding The Results Of Tournament

The competition-tournament is remote.

Everyone between the ages of 14 and 20, formed into teams of 5 people, is allowed to participate in the tournament.

Applications are accepted from March 1 to March 14. After registration, the teams play in groups with each other according to a separate schedule, which is communicated to the teams. The start date of the first round will be announced to registered participants separately.

Terms Of Participation In The Tournament

  • It must be sent to the Organizing Committee of the competition from March 1 to March 14.
  • team application (registration form – Appendix No. 1);
  • a copy of the financial document confirming payment of the registration fee.
  • The listed materials must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by email

Within a week, receive confirmation that the application has been received. Otherwise, it is necessary to duplicate the sending of the application.

Cost Of Participation In A Remote Tour.

The registration fee as a participant in the I All-Russian Esports Tournament “Ursa’s championship” (remote tour) is 200 rubles per person (1000 rubles per team).

Bank details for payment:

Beneficiary: Scientific and Educational Center Rosintal LLC;

TIN 4025418534 / KPP 402501001

Account 40702810222230101653

Beneficiary’s bank: Branch No. 8608 of Sberbank of Russia, Kaluga

BIC 042908612

Cor. check. 30101810100000000612

Purpose of payment: Registration fee for participation in the eSports Tournament

  • The Procedure For Awarding The Winners Of The Tournament

Within the framework of the Tournament, the results are summed up by teams and individually. Based on the results of the remote Tournament, the teams will receive certificates of participants or diplomas of laureates and winners. The winning teams will receive cash rewards.

The initial prize fund will be 50 thousand rubles. and will increase depending on the number of participants. On the recommendation of the Organizing Committee, participants from among the Tournament Laureates can be awarded with special Diplomas and other awards from sponsors.

The Organizing Committee of the Tournament, supporting organizations, sponsors may establish other forms of rewarding its participants and winners.

The Following Teams Became The Owners Of Direct Invites To The Final Part Of Ti6:

  • OG  managed to win two of the three majors, and on the eve of the announcement of the list of invitees, they added a win at ESL One to their track record. The international team, which does not represent any of the leading organizations and was organized less than a year ago, best demonstrated the dynamism of the esports scene and high competition. The backbone of the team was made up of two former Team Secret players, Swede Johan Sundstein (“Notail”) and Israeli Tal Azik (“Fly”), as well as Amer al-Barkawi (“Miracle”), who gained wide popularity, having achieved the highest individual rating in the world, not being a professional player.
  • Team Liquid is a new roster of a well-known esports organization with a long history, built around another veteran who played for Team Secret and Natus Vincere, German Kuro Salehi Takhasomi (“Kuroky”). The team took second place in two Majors organized by Valve, adding to the list of recent achievements the victory at the Moscow Epicenter.
  • Newbee has previously won The International 2014, but the roster invited to TI-6 was noticeably different from what they won in 2014. The team consisted of the most talented Chinese players who were undefeated for a long time until their unbeaten streak was interrupted by OG.
  • Natus Vincere became the second invited team to have previously won The International. Compared to the victorious 2011, the Ukrainian team retained only two players – Daniil Ishutin (“Dendi ”) and Ivan Antonov (“Artstyle”). Over the past few years, the composition of most CIS teams has been unstable, but against the background of their opponents, it was Na`Vi who performed best in LAN tournaments, deserving a direct invitation to TI-6.
  • MVP Phoenix performed consistently well at LAN tournaments on the eve of The International 2016.
  • LGD Gaming received an invitation by placing in the top four at the previous LAN tournament organized by Valve.

Teams that didn’t receive invites despite a good season performance included Team Secret and Evil Geniuses (last year’s TI-5 winners). Both teams make roster changes outside of Valve’s transfer window, as a result of which they did not receive a direct invitation to The International itself, or even to closed regional qualifiers, and were forced to qualify on an equal basis with other teams through open qualifiers.

In 2016, as in the previous ones, the qualification was divided into 4 regions: Europe, America, China, and Southeast Asia.

The general trend is that the next The International beats the previous one. And if we take into account the forecasts of experts on the growth of the eSports industry, large investments in it, and simply the growth of numbers in the rating, it is already possible to draw in your mind a lot of zeros for the next prize funds.

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