League of Legends eSports – Hero Guide Samira

Description of Skills 

  •  Daredevil Impulse

Reckless Impulse is Samira’s passive skill. When the heroine uses a combo of non-repeatable abilities and attacks, then she improves her style of play. Samira is given a letter from “E” to “S”. For each increase in rating, she receives a bonus in the form of an increase in movement speed. At level “S” the heroine becomes available to use the ultimate. Additionally, Daredevil Impulse allows you to hit enemies with melee attacks more heavily. Passive gives the sword additional magic damage. If Samira uses attacks against immobilized (trapped, stunned) opponents in this lol esports game, then they are thrown into the air. This increases the duration of the control effect.

  •  Flair

Outrageous makes Samira sharper and more accurate. The skill should be used in combat with enemies at a short distance. When this skill is activated, the heroine begins to slash all opponents who are nearby with a sword and shoot with a pistol at opponents who are far away. The skill makes it possible to cause additional damage to the enemy by inflicting a critical hit on him. If Samira uses Flair in combination with Wild Rush, then she will be able to hit several opponents at once. Of the advantages of this skill, it is worth mentioning a quick reload. Therefore, Epatage will spam during the battle.

  •  Blade Whirl

Blade Whirl is Samira’s powerful combat skill. When this skill is activated, the heroine begins to rotate, holding a sword in her hands and inflicting twice as powerful damage to all enemies nearby. Samira can also block all enemy attacks with Blade Sweep. This greatly increases her survivability in the lane. It is advisable to initiate a fight with a wave of the blade. It can also be used if Samira was attacked by opponents and it is necessary to fight them off. But it should be remembered that the ability to recover for a long time. Therefore, spamming it will not work. It is better to save it in case of a critical situation.

  •  Wild Rush

Furious Rush is a good speed-up combat skill. When activated, Samira makes a sharp dash toward the enemy. At the same time, she inflicts good magic damage on him and everyone on the way. While Wild Rush is active, Samira’s attack speed is significantly increased. Furious Rush needs a periodic refresh. But, if you kill the champion from the enemy team, you will be able to reset the cooldown. Furious Dash is a great way to start a teamfight. But then you need to think about what abilities to use next. After all, after the end of the effect of the Furious Dash, the enemies will begin to attack Samira. The skill can be used not only to attack opponents but also to escape from them.

  •  Inferno Trigger

Hellfire is the strongest ability in Samira’s arsenal. When activating the ultimate, the heroine showers a hail of bullets on all enemies around her. She can fire bullets non-stop up to ten times. With each shot, she deals physical damage, which can become critical for some champions. It should be noted that lifestyle applies to shots. The advantage of Inferno Trigger is its very fast reload time. Samira gains access to the ability upon reaching the “S” level.

Champion Pros And Cons


  • Can attack the enemy in melee and ranged combat. Depending on this, she uses a pistol or a blade.
  • Has its unique style.
  • All abilities deal powerful damage and look spectacular.
  • Can destroy an opponent in one successful combo.
  • Strong from the first seconds of the match.
  • Does not lose its relevance and effectiveness in a protracted game.
  • Has good mobility due to passive.
  • Able to extend the duration of CC effects inflicted on the opponent by an allied champion.
  • Has the ability to deal physical and magical damage with attacks.
  • Can deal good damage to multiple targets at once.
  • Has a powerful ult that can be spammed.
  • Able to block the attacks of her opponents.
  • Has a good survival rate.


  • Lack of control skills.
  • Low damage on the first level.
  • Experiences a lack of mana at the very beginning of the match.
  • Has the ability to turn on the ultimate only at the maximum style indicator.

General Game Tips

Samira is an excellent shooter. It is usually placed on the bottom line. Here it is revealed to the maximum. But you can also play for her on the top, mid, and jungle. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of the guide. This will make the match more successful.

The LOL game can be divided into three parts:


  • Start. Ends upon reaching the sixth level. At this stage, the champions begin to develop their skills and purchase the first artifacts.
  • middle. Lasts from levels 7 to 12. At this stage, champions increase their power and unlock their potential.
  • End. Starts at level 13 and ends at level 18. At this stage, the heroes are already fully pumped. They start moving in groups.

Samira’s Guide At The Beginning Of The Match Gives The Following Tips:

  • From the first seconds of the game, start actively farming. Samira is strong from the very beginning of the match. But she needs artifacts to increase survivability in the lane and gain control over some areas on the map. Gold is required to purchase such magical items.
  • From the third level, you can make attacks on opponents. It is advisable to choose single targets. In a direct duel, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to defeat Samira. After earning the first kill, the heroine will gain an advantage for the rest of the match.
  • Provide support to your allies when playing in a team.
  • Interfere with farming opponents. To do this, you need to constantly strain them. It is impossible to allow champions to develop, who, after receiving the ult, become mega-powerful. Samira will still be able to defeat them, but it will be more difficult to do so.
  • The first artifacts to take are totems. Samira needs wards to prevent an enemy gank. Protective totems should be placed near the approaches to the line in those places where the opponent least expects to find them.

Helpful Mid-game Tips:

  • Keep farming. Samira needs to further form a set of artifacts and develop them.
  • Make ganks.
  • Help allies.
  • Refresh wards near the lane.
  • Form a set of artifacts, taking into account how the game is going and what type of damage prevails in the opposing team. If the enemies are dominated by magic damage, then you need to take items to increase the resistance to magic. If the enemy team has a lot of physical damage, then you should take care of protection and purchase the appropriate artifact. If the team is balanced, then you need to increase the amount of damage.
  • Periodically look at what is happening on the minimap. Probably there is an opportunity for a successful gank or you need to support a teammate in battle.
  • Strive to destroy the Dragon. This will give a good advantage to Samira and her team.
  • If there are no opportunities to gank the adjacent lane, then you can push your lane.

Tips For The End Of The Match:

  • In the case of a team game, do not move far from your allies.
  • Provoke the enemy to fight.
  • Use abilities in combos during mass battles.
  • Provide assistance to associates.
  • Actively use the ultimate. After all, at full pumping, it does not expend energy.
  • Don’t forget the Dragon. If possible, you should advance in his direction and kill the neutral.

General Recommendations For Playing As Samira:

  • Try to always alternate abilities and auto-attacks. This will allow you to accumulate style points faster and become stronger.
  • Before receiving the ult, do not be in the center of the battle. It’s better to stay behind allied tanks. So the heroine will lose less health in a mass batch.
  • In team fights, focus on soft carries.
  • If it was decided to play in a team, then it is worth including champions with various powerful control skills and high damage. There should be ranged and melee heroes with good defense. It is good if the ally can give acceleration, heal or provide other similar support. It is desirable to have counter picks of your opponents in the team. Then the chances of winning will be as high as possible.

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