How to Unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

Unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy part of Tower of Fantasy’s assortment of Relics is the Jetboard — Aida’s interpretation of a surfboard. This clever Relic will permit you to navigate through the oceans without the weight of an Edurance bar, making it an amazing ally for traveling to new areas interestingly. You can get this Relic right off the bat in the game for nothing — read on to find out how.

To get the Jetboard free of charge, you should clear the Main Story Chapter 1-5. In the wake of returning from Hykros, the journey navigator will provoke you to get back to Astra Shelter, where you should express farewell to Palu. After this portion, he’ll advise you to make a beeline for the following region, Banges. Which you can venture out to by means of Jetboard.

Make a beeline for the menu on the upper right of the screen and snap Relic to get to the Relic menu. Click Deploy at the bottom to pick which Relics to allocate to your hotkeys. It permits you to skim across the water indefinitely using the directional and hop keys.

How to unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

How to Unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

There are a lot of things that you will wind up unlocking as you clear your path through Tower of Fantasy. Guardian’s Swordspear in Elden Ring Among the things you will find are relics. These bits of innovation are utilized to assist you with traversing the world, fight adversaries, and reveal stowed away privileged insights. Among these relics, you will obtain the Jetboard, a transportation artifact that proves to be useful when you are exploring the world.

It might take you a short time to obtain the Jetboard, depending on how quick you go through the game. In the event that you are watching each cutscene and taking on each side mission, it will require a long investment to get the Jetboard. Essentially you will get to see Shirli utilize her Jetboard first so you realize how cool it is.

The Jetboard is an artifact that is utilized exclusively for transportation. Similar as a vehicle, the Jetboard will get you from point A to point B a lot quicker than you can by walking. Dissimilar to a vehicle, the Jetboard just deals with water. You can call it ashore however it won’t move quick by any means. It is incredibly valuable while searching all over streams and crossing the sea. It is additionally very helpful in Navia Bay. The main time you will need to utilize a Jetboard ashore is the point at which you are going down an incline.

How to unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

How do you download and play the Tower of Fantasy?

Downloading Tower of Fantasy on Android is straightforward. Players should simply go to the Google Play Store, look for the game, and download it to their gadgets. The game is very enormous, and it is suggested that players download it over a Wi-Fi association.

You probably won’t seriously love this. In the end, we can reason that Tower of Fantasy isn’t pay-to-win, as it allows you fair opportunities to obtain characters and assets. It has a few mechanics that limit ongoing interaction, however, yet not in a way that will make you need to leave the boat.

Is Tower of Fantasy co op?

One of the most outstanding elements of Tower of Fantasy is the accessibility of Co-operation! Regardless of what game it is, players love to play with their companions. One of the most outstanding highlights of MMORPG games is that players can play with their number one characters alongside their companions while showing off their characters.

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