Weird West What to Do With Nimp Heads

This article is about Weird West What to Do With Nimp Heads. In Weird West, players will observe different things that they can use for quite a long time. Also, you will find things that you can offer to a couple of shippers and NPCs. Nimp Heads is one of these things that you can see as richly all over the universe of Weird West.

Weird West What to Do With Nimp Heads

Portrayed as Ancient Relic things, Nimp Heads can offer to just Doctors and Wanderers in Weird West for $50. Players can visit the Browse Goods area while collaborating with NPCs like Doctor Miranda Moore, from where the Nimp Heads can sold. You will track down Nimp Heads at different plunder areas, and offering them will permit players to get some additional money fundamental for different buys.

Weird West What to Do With Nimp Heads

To lay things out plainly, Nimp Heads can securely offer to Doctors at pace of 50 Dollar Coins for each head. These NPCs can seen as in various towns across Weird West’s guide, including Grackle, and that is a lot of cash certainly. In addition, players can really play out a stunt with Doctors and Nimp Heads that will give them speedy admittance to an interminable inventory of Dollar Coins.

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Nimp Heads back from a Doctor

To note, it is likewise conceivable to repurchase Nimp Heads from a Doctor on the off chance that a player isn’t happy taking them from their Cabinet. While this approach can’t utilize to make a limitless number of Dollar Coins, as the Doctor will build the expense of the thing, it implies that fans can continuously recover their Nimp Heads assuming they need to.

This ought not essential, however, as no other use for Nimp Heads has find in the total of this independent game.

Weird West center point

On the off chance that you’re excited about selling Nimp Heads, you can sell these heads at two areas, Wanderers and Doctors. Any Doctor in a town can buy Nimp heads from you for $50, as do the Wanderer bands you run over while out on the planet.


Nimp Relics can find across the world, with them ordinarily an award for investigating the different conditions in the game. You’ll frequently track down them in secret chests, behind lock doors, in secret regions, toward the finish of prisons, and significantly more. Now and then they can likewise acquire as a compensation for finishing a mission or side goal, so there are an abundance of ways you can procure them and gain power.

Weird West What to Do With Nimp Heads

It’s additionally important that when you switch episodes, the past person will keep any unused Nimp Relics in their inventory, so you can proceed to get them too by inspiring them to join your party, or by killing them and stealing from their body.

What is the Difference Between Nimp Relics and Nimp Heads in Weird West?

There is one more collectible thing in Weird West known as a “Nimp Head,” which can undoubtedly confuse with a Nimp Relic. In spite of sharing a comparative name and appearance, Nimp Relics location and Nimp Heads fill totally various needs in the game.

Nimp Relics fill an unbelievably helpful need in the game. They are utilized to open person capacities and weapon abilities.

The best abilities and tracking down Nimp Relics

The Nimp Relics in Weird West resemble sparkling purple pieces of jewelry, and every one is likened to a solitary ability point that can distribute. Like Golden Aces of Spades for advantages, you can recognize these out in the open, or they may sold broad products vendors. Moreover, a few could taken cover behind rock developments or paths, and that implies you’ll need to explode them with explosive first.

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