Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Klee

This article is about Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Klee. This Page gives the best Klee Team information. Klee is a fundamental DPS experiencing the same thing. Klee principally bargains DMG by Heavy Attack. The DMG of Klee is boosted by Vaporization or Melting in the vast majority of her teams.

Klee’s best resource is her capacity to bargain constant Pyro harm through her essential abilities, burst or typical assault. Besides, Klee’s charged assault scaling is one of the greatest in the game.

Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions For Klee

Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Klee

Players who need to buff Klee’s horrendous potential with more speed can get a ton out of Albedo (Geo), Sucrose (Anemo), and Diona (Cryo). But deficient as far as Pyro Resonance, Diona’s presence can proc Melt and give Klee a genuinely necessary versatility support. This functions admirably in a state of harmony with the other high-DMG specs of different individuals.

On account of supporting harm, Albedo as a Geo client can help Klee’s Elemental Mastery and buff her general DPS. In the mean time, Sucrose as the Anemo client can make basic responses regularly to swarm control foes really. Sucrose’s pulling specialist can clear a path for destroying blasts when matched with Klee’s bomb assaults.

Bennett, Xingqiu, Venti

Klee can benefit from her damaging ability with the right cooperative energies. Experiencing the same thing, Klee close by Bennett (Pyro), Xingqiu (Hydro), and Venti (Anemo) can assist with polishing each other’s DMG boundaries to crazy levels. Bennett can give Pyro Resonance to additional increment Klee’s normally high DMG detail. What’s more, Bennett’s center pack alone buffs every other person’s assault performance, allowing them to perform sub-DPS jobs normally.

Best Klee Team Comp

Mona permits the Vaporize essential response, which is the second-best sort of basic response you can get from Pyro, with a 1.5 multiplier. As Mona’s natural expertise has an extremely short cooldown, you can proc the disintegrate response continually. Moreover, it likewise insults adversaries, making it simpler for Klee to release her harm.

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Klee F2P Team Comp

Xiangling is the key in this arrangement, giving natural particles and a harm support for Klee. She likewise continually applies the Pyro Status on enemies.

The Anemo explorer is a free help and Venerer transporter. The person’s just job is to set off Pyro Swirl so Klee gets additional harm. Barbara is the healer and empowering influence of this team. She can permit Klee to proc the Vaporize response.

Best Team for Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato’s ordinary assaults are his primary wellspring of harm that gets improved when he utilizes his Elemental Skill. He functions admirably with Yun Jin whose Elemental Burst buffs Normal Attack DMG.

Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions For Klee

Gain by Electro responses

Yae Miko goes incredible with the Raiden Shogun on account of the Electro Resonance and on the grounds that Miko’s burst has a high Energy Cost. When you cycle through Miko’s expertise and exploded, you can trade Raiden in and go full scale!

Bennett and Kazuha additionally give the best buffs to both Raiden and Yae Miko with insignificant speculation. It likewise empowers the Overloaded response.

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