Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions For Mona

This article is about Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions For Mona. This Page gives the best Mona Team information. Mona is a Support experiencing the same thing.

Mona best team can be formed in various ways including Permafrost, Vaporize or Electro-Charged team. Mona’s Elemental Busrt can give enormous DMG reward to teammates. You can pick your own best team as per your construct and character.

Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions For Mona

Players who need to gain by Mona’s high harm potential ought to attempt a team with Klee (Pyro), Sucrose (Anemo), and Diona (Cryo). Mona’s pair with Klee can proc Vaporize a lot quicker, doling out more harm than anticipated.

In the mean time, Sucrose’s group control authority can bunch foes together to guarantee Klee can expand her bomb’s harm yield. Furthermore, when important, Diona can give enough recuperates and safeguarding to Klee to guarantee her survivability in battle. On account of Klee’s DPS potential, Mona can sparkle with regards to help and even increment her DMG result to arrive at sub-DPS levels.

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Klee, Venti, Zhongli

Players who need a generally steady Mona team will require Klee (Pyro), Venti (Anemo), and Zhongli (Geo). Klee might fill in as the team’s primary DPS as her bombs can profit from Mona’s Vaporize procs. In the mean time, Zhongli’s steady guard as a Geo client can guarantee survivability no matter how you look at it for the team.

Mona Support Team Comp

Hu Tao is the principle DPS in this arrangement, with centers around trigging Vaporize and Melt for huge harm. Mona’s natural burst can increment team harm and spread Hydro with the guide of Sucrose. Sucrose gives Elemental Mastery to team individuals while Diona safeguard and give Cryo to set off Melt.


Ganyu is the primary DPS in this arrangement, setting off Freezing utilizing her natural burst joined with Mona’s Hydro application. Mona’s burst can bargain great harm and spread Hydro to all adversaries with the assistance of Venti’s Anemo.

Diona safeguards the team with her safeguard and furnishes Ganyu with essential reverberation. She likewise helps Ganyu’s burst re-energize time. Venti’s principle job is swarm control – he can likewise give some additional harm with his strong capacity.

Best Team Compositions for Mona

Whenever you play Genshin Impact everything relies upon your fundamental person as well as on the creation. You ought to figure out how components complete one another and fabricate the best team for your primary. Underneath you can see the best team sythesis for Mona with Main DPS, sub DPS character and one help. Additionally, we have included elective characters for every job that work out in a good way for Mona as well.

Mona Burst Support and Enabler Build

One of the most amazing resource of Mona is her Elemental Burst that support the harm towards foes while giving a basic group control. This enhancer that Burst while additionally giving Mona enough solidarity to become sub-DPS.

Gain by Electro responses!

Yae Miko goes incredible with the Raiden Shogun due to the Electro Resonance and on the grounds that Miko’s burst has a high Energy Cost. When you cycle through Miko’s expertise and exploded, you can trade Raiden in and go full scale!

Bennett and Kazuha additionally give the best buffs to both Raiden and Yae Miko with insignificant speculation. It likewise empowers the Overloaded response.

Mona F2P

In this setup, Mona will go about as both a harm seller and backing for the team. Xiangling’s abilities should start things out before Mona’s to benefit from Vaporize response. Golden serves in a full help job, giving Xiangling Pyro reverberation and giving some group control.

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