The Evolving Online Gaming Industry – How It Changed During The Pandemic [Full Guide]

This article is about The Evolving Online Gaming Industry – How It Changed During The Pandemic. People across the world are forced to stay indoors during the current pandemic. They are practicing social distancing measures due to which feelings of isolation and loneliness are becoming more prevalent. To deal with these impacts of isolation, many people are turning their heads towards one thing or the other.

COVID-19 has caused widespread economic disruption, but there are still some industries that are thriving. The gaming industry is one of them. Why? Because when the business activities have reduced to a large extent, this industry has rightly stepped into the lives of the people seeking social interaction.

Even before COVID-19, the gaming market was staggering in size, beating the film industries. The revenue in this field is expected to exhibit a 9.28% annual growth rate, resulting in an estimated market volume of USD 220.6 million by 2025.

Why do people prefer these? Because it not only provides relaxation, fun, and escapism but also brings people together and connects them. The feeling of “connection” is very important, especially in COVID-19. Let us take a look at some of the insights of this industry!

Gaming connections and benefits

It has many social and psychological benefits. It has been found out that people who engage largely in these online games have high levels of self-esteem and lower feelings of isolation. These games require the players to work together for a common goal that develops a sense of community among them.

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As per a study, PC gaming witnessed an increase of 4.4% year on year to 36.9 billion dollars in 2020.

As these numbers are rising, we can say that people will prefer PC gaming in the coming times more. And as these are heavy games, they require high-speed internet for streaming and downloading. If your downloading speed is slow, you can refer to this article for more information about how to make your downloads faster. A good internet speed will surely give you the best experience while playing. Moreover, as technology is advancing, researchers are developing different ways to bring transformation to this industry. What have they found out? Let us take a look at it!

Cloud gaming is here to bring transformation to this industry.

As this industry is dependent upon complex hardware, it is developing ways where there will be no need for these hardware. With the advanced technology of cloud gaming, it will give access to the players to play these games with only a basic machine. The only requirement is a stable internet connection with a good bandwidth. According to the research, the global cloud gaming market is expected to reach a market size of 3.7 billion US dollars by 2024.

To sum it all up

As the situation is still not normal, we can expect this industry to continue to gain momentum in the coming times. It is not wrong to say that this industry is a practical and pleasant way to keep up with social relationships. Moreover, it rightly beats the feeling of boredom and isolation. So, why not play with full zeal?

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