How to Get Worker Jacket Stray

There are different targets you are given that are very vague or unclear. One of those is how to get a worker jacket and worker hat in Stray and the locations of those two things. Thankfully, to save you the difficulty of trying to find them all through the winding roads of Midtown, we have what you want to do here in this article.

Stray is one of the latest adventure games with open-world components. While the player character is a cat who falls into a universe of robots, machines, and infections, your task is straightforward, get back to your family. You will be accompanied by a robot named B-12. To draw nearer to your goal, you will be completing a considerable amount of missions.

One such mission is where you will require access to Neco Corporation’s Factory. To do so you should meet with Clementine’s contact, Blazer. Blazer will ask you to get him a worker hat and jacket. On the off chance that you are wondering how to get the worker hat and jacket in Stray, this guide has all you want.

how to get worker jacket stray

Stray: How to Obtain the Worker Jacket and Worker Hat

Want to know how to obtain the Worker Jacket and Worker Hat in Stray and progress through the story? Stray is an incredibly atmospheric and addictive open-world game with many side journeys and achievements. How To Get Into The Nightclub in Stray However, in spite of this, the game has a detailed and interesting main plot.

Once in Midtown, the ginger cat should obtain the Worker Jacket and Worker Hat. This task will be shared with you by Clementine, so you can not miss it. Finding these things isn’t all that easy, yet advancing through the story should be done. Fortunately, our aide is here to help you and let you know where and how to obtain the Worker Jacket and Worker Hat in Stray.

Get the Worker Hat in Stray

You should go to the Hat store however the proprietor won’t permit anyone in the store.

  • The workers need to hustle so you can enter yet as you learn, one of the workers is slacking at the bar and you really want to get him to work.
  • While you head over to the bar on the contrary side. You will find the worker passed out at the back side of the bar.
  • Although no sound can wake him, you can head over to the rack above him and drop the crate of jugs to wake him.
  • Then, you want to follow the worker as he heads back to his coworker. And bounce in the container while they are not looking.
  • The worker will convey the crate straight inside the store and you will actually want to get the Worker hat.

Get the Jacket

  • For everything to fall into place, you should get the Cassette tapes as this is where you find the Cassette player in Stray.
  • It will be part of a mini-objective given by Simon in the Home.
  • When you get the tape, you really want to head to the clothing store and go to the back of the store.
  • While you put the tape in the Cassette player and turn on the music, the retailer will be distracted.
  • Utilize this chance to head to the front and get the Worker Jacket on one of the mannequins.

When you get both, the Worker Hat and Jacket. You want to return to Blazer and hand him both the things.

how to get worker jacket stray

How do you get the uniform in Stray?

After getting the cassette, go to the clothing store in Midtown. Stealthily approach the cassette player inside the store and insert a cassette. Wait for the salesman to switch off the cassette player and immediately steal the Worker Jacket.

It is located in a small alleyway of Main Midtown Road. Finding Blazer in Stray is important in request to get the worker’s hat and jacket. What is this? At the back of the alley, you will meet Blazer.

Obliterate the CCTV cameras and grab the cassette tape. Here is How to Use Subway Key to Start the Train in Stray Steal the Stray worker jacket from the clothing shop. Steal the Stray worker hat from the hat shop.

On the off chance that you can’t shake the foes and escape. The screen will go red, however at that point you’ll get back to a checkpoint with the cat healthy and back to normal. Additionally, the cat does get injured at points during the story, which can be challenging to watch.

Leave the shop, go right, then right again down the alley. Blazer will be leaning against the wall, reading a newspaper. Give him the note from Clementine, and exhaust his dialog.

How do you steal a work jacket in Stray?

From Blazer’s location, head to the clothing store on the left to steal the jacket. This will cause clearly music to blast through the whole store, distracting the store proprietor.

Go to the bar with the pool table near the focal point of the city. How To Get Atomic Battery in Stray Go to the backroom. Using the cases in the room, bounce up to the racks to one side. Drop a crate of jugs on the head of the robot (Yikes!). He will gradually walk out of the bar and to the hat store.

During Clementine’s journey in Midtown. The feline protagonist of Stray is tasked with finding and collecting a Worker Hat and Worker Jacket. These two articles of clothing should be conveyed to a NPC named Blazer. A contact willing to assist the Cat with retrieving the Atomic Battery from the Neo Corp factory.

The Worker Cap is held within the hat store at the central ring of Midtown. Yet its proprietor, Hator, won’t let you through the front door. You’re going to have to sneak in, however before you can do that. We really want to wake up one of the store’s workers called Stuplachee.

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