Gs Auto Clicker Review

Are you looking for an unbiased review of GS Auto Clicker? Look no further! You are at the right place. 

GS Auto Clicker does a remarkable job when it comes to task automation. It is compatible with Windows, Chromebook, and Linux PCs. The shorter it looks, the deeper its customization. You might need a guide to get started with this software. 

In this post, we have reviewed GS Auto Clicker and its features. We have also included a user guide in case you find difficulty getting started with it. 

GS Auto Clicker – In a Nutshell 

GS Auto Clicker is a free product offered by Softonic (a leading software hub for Windows). It simply imitates mouse clicks and actions on a computer screen. You can choose a particular location for auto-clicking or just use the dynamic cursor’s location for automation. 

GS Clicker is reliable and competitively faster than most of the auto clickers on the web. It is mainly used in incremental and idle games that focus on vigorous mouse clicking. It also comes in handy for employees who need to do repetitive tasks on the same website. 

GS Auto Clicker offers a clean user interface with old-fashioned customization. The settings are almost similar to other famous auto clickers. 

What’s in it for you?

Inside the window of GS Auto Clicker, users will find three sections.

Clicking: In this section, there are two mini sections – Options and Repeat. In the Options, you can choose a mouse button with a click-type for automation. There is also an option to freeze the pointer, which allows the software to click on a specific location. 

In the Repeat section, you can set the number of clicks to be repeated. You can also set it for non-stop clicks. There’s one more option for Interval where you can set the delay between automated clicks. 

Recordings: In this section, you will find options to record mouse actions. You can also select multiple pick points for automation. 

Settings: In this section, you can customize hotkeys. With the hotkey, you can instantly start and stop the auto clicker. You can also use the default F6 as a hotkey. 

How to download and use it?

As We mentioned before, GS Auto Clicker is a product of Softonic, and you can download it from there. You won’t find it anywhere else unless it’s fake. Let’s see how you can download it. 

Step 1. Go to the official website of Softonic and type GS Auto Clicker in the search box. 

Step 2. Find the latest version of the auto clicker and click on Download to save the .exe file.

Step 3. Open the file from the Downloads, and you are good to go.

You don’t have to go through any installation process since it is a portable software. 

Now, let’s see how you can use it on any website or game.

Step 1. First of all, you must set a mouse button and its click type. You can set it from the Clicking option. 

Step 2. Next, you must set the interval and number of repetitions. You can set the intervals in milliseconds. That will give you the fastest clicks. On the other hand, you can set a particular number of automatic clicks or choose the Repeat Until Stopped for infinite mouse clicks. 

Step 3. You can assign a new hotkey from settings (If necessary). Or you can start with the default F6 button. 

Step 4. Minimize the window and open the program or website that you want to automate. Drag the cursor to position and press the hotkey. The auto clicker will start imitating mouse clicks and will not stop until you press the hotkey again. 

Note: If you want a fixed location and want to free the cursor, you choose a pick point from the Recordings for auto-clicking. Then the cursor will no longer work as the clicking destination. You can do other work in different tabs. The automation will not stop because it also works while being in the background. 

Key Features of GS Auto Clicker?

Here are some key features of GS Auto Clicker. 

  • The software runs on macro
  • It offers unlimited automation for mouse buttons
  • You can set multiple targets at the same time
  • Single, double, and triple click-types 
  • Customizable hotkey 
  • Low CPU usage 
  • Doesn’t need a lot of system resources
  • Doesn’t lag or crash during automation

Where can you use GS Auto Clicker?

GS Auto Clicker is one of the most recommended auto clickers for Minecraft and Roblox. As a beginner, you can use it to create big buildings within the blink of an eye in Minecraft. You can also use it in Arena and PvP mode to defeat your opponent. It also runs in the background. That’s why it is also heavily used in Cookie Clicker and Dogeminer. 

If you work in an office and do the same thing over and over again, it can help you there too. You can use it for data entry, software testing, developing applications, and so on. 


So, this is our complete review of the GS Auto Clicker. Now you know how you can download the latest version and assign it for automation. The software doesn’t require many system resources to run. It is completely free to use and no ads or pop up will show after downloading. That’s why it is 100% safe and also doesn’t crash during task automation. 


Q1. How can you use the GS Auto Clicker? 

Ans: You can download the auto clicker and use it right after downloading. Since it is portable, it doesn’t need installing. It also runs in the background. 

Q2. Does GS Auto Clicker contain viruses? 

Ans: No, it is 100% safe to use. You can use this software even without the internet. 

Q3. Does GS Auto Clicker have a record and playback option?

Ans: Unfortunately, it does not have a mouse action record option. Maybe, users will get this feature soon. You can use OG autoclicker for this feature.


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