Stray: Where To Find & Gather All B-12 Memories

Gather All B-12 Memories Stray Memories is a fragment of the past that can be scanned by a drone friend to fill in the blanks. It also provides a piece of information to help you understand the current state of the world in which the game is set. These B-12 memories in Stray are the main collection to look for. With a total of 27 things you can find on your cat’s journey.

Some are hidden in a secret area, while others are automatically awarded as part of the story. If you miss something during gameplay, don’t worry, you can pick it up later using the chapter selection options. When you’re ready to get started, here’s an overview of all the Stray Memories locations.

The first two levels do not contain these collectibles, so you can unlock the Stray Memory from Chapter 3 onwards. Chapter 6 also visits the same area of ​​the slums where Chapter 4 takes place. Therefore, these memories can be found at both levels.

Stray: Where To Find & Gather All B-12 Memories

Stray: Where To Find & Gather All B-12 Memories

The B12 is a drone companion that accompanies Stray’s Chapter 3 journey on The Flat. Change Class in Diablo Immortal Once you find him, you can discover his memories in the remaining chapters and learn more about the background of B12 and the history of the world around you. There are 27 memories to discover, and while these are common, some are harder to find than others.

Memories give off a light blue glow, and a small blue box flutters. It can be anything from murals and signboards to railings and robots for the disabled. You can view these buggy previews by accessing your inventory and tabbing directly to Memory. Once you find the memory, you can see its perfect shape in the same place.

I don’t remember the first two chapters: the inside of the wall and the dead city. See the guide below for the rest of the details. Select Select Chapter to see the total amount of memory collected when the saved file was loaded and after each chapter. If you discover them all, you will earn an I Remember Trophy (PS4 / PS5) or Achievement (PC).
Memory 1/27: After pressing B12 to get into the bucket outside the apartment, you will finally find the beach mural along the main path. B12 gets the postcard from the mural after the memory and adds the memory to the log.

Stray: Where To Find & Gather All B-12 Memories

Where is the 2nd memory in stray?

The second store is easy to find. It will be placed immediately after collecting the above-mentioned automatic history. Climb the ladder and you should reach the aisle with two robots playing mahjong at the table.

Almost every chapter has at least one memory to find, and dead ends are no exception. It comes with three optional reminders, and if you miss them, you may need to restart the chapter as there are some non-return points that lock them if you go too far.

How many memories are in the Slums stray?

There are seven places in the slums where the B12 can regain its memories. These memories can be found in both Chapters 4 and 6 whenever you are in the slum. This page of IGN’s Stray Wiki Guide has all seven memory locations you can find in the slum.

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