How to Monetize Twitch Streams in 2022

Twitch is a platform that got famous by offering gamers a chance to live-stream their gameplay and communicate with their followers. In its early days, it was mainly focused on gamers as its primary audience, and they allowed them to make donations to their favorite streamers. Now it has expanded significantly and streamers are no longer limited to gaming. Furthermore, this can be quite lucrative for content creators. The platform was hacked recently and sensitive details about streamers’ earnings were leaked.

However, viewers were well aware that some of the famous content creators had high earnings, as they were the ones who donated the money and bought their merchandise. So, let’s see what those people did right, and how they became what they are today. Here we will discuss some ways on how to effectively monetize your stream.

Ways You Earn Money on Twitch

Twitch has become somewhat more rigorous when it comes to the things you are allowed and not allowed to do, in order to entertain your audience. This can admittedly limit your earning potential, but at the same time, the platform added new ways and features that can help you increase your revenue. These include:


  • Viewer donations or subscriptions
  • Affiliate marketing or sales
  • Sponsored streams
  • Selling merchandise
  • Twitch bits
  • Ad revenue


Now even if the platform has undergone massive changes, gaming and eSports remain the most dominant categories. They were especially popular during the lockdown, as this was one of the few entertainment channels that were unaffected by the whole situation. In fact, the gaming audience only grew during this period. Meaning, being good at video games and knowing how to entertain the audience, gives you the best chance to monetize your channel.

Another Way to Monetize Your Twitch Channel

You don’t have to be a full-time streamer in order to earn from Twitch, you can pivot to this option once you amass a bigger user base. You can only use Twitch as a side hustle while you are already playing games where you can earn money.

There are streamers who play casino games like poker, slots, or even free no deposit bingo. This means that other online gamblers who wish to know where they can get free spins or even find free bingo without deposit sites are likely to watch your stream. There are so many online casino sites that it is hard to keep track, therefore sharing the information where someone can get bingo no deposit bonus codes or just free no deposit bingo offers is very useful. Moreover, if these casinos have affiliate links you can add them to your stream and earn from those clicks.

Use Twitch as Sales Pipeline

There are other platforms that allow you to earn a lot of cash, and you can use twitch as one of your sales channels. A good example of this is OnlyFans that started as a Twitch alternative but slowly turned into a site with explicit content. Today it seems that it is impossible for that platform to become anything else. However, content creators there use Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch as sales pipelines, as they only, let’s say, tease users and try to make them subscribe to their OnlyFans account, where they post more sexually explicit content.  


Another good example is if you are an eSports coach. You can use twitch to promote your gaming skills and recruit users for gaming lessons. You can even create an incentive during the stream. This can be a lottery where lucky subscribers can win free lessons. But it doesn’t stop there, as you can promote your art, cooking skills, music skills and all sorts of other things. Furthermore, you should save the video, edit it and post it on YouTube in the form of stream highlights. 


As you can see Twitch has some incredible tools to help you monetize your streams, but they are also an amazing tool for those who are just starting their content creator career. Due to the competition on the platform, it’s hard to come on top, as you need to build your community first, but once your hit a few milestones your growth becomes exponential, and you can even quit your day job to fully commit to your hobby. However, it’s really important to be an entertainer and to know how to engage with your audience. You can grow your Twitch fanbase using other channels, and vice-versa.


Leslie Alexander is an amazing writer and blogger, who has years of experience in digital marketing. Leslie is working as a content lead at Gamblizard and she is a huge fan of gaming and eSports. She loves to play poker with her friends, climb the ladder on League of Legends, or organize board game nights. 

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