How To Get Into The Nightclub in Stray

The Nightclub in Stray It can only be accessed after a player steals a battery from NecoCorp’s factory and decrypts a mysterious message that Clementine left in Stray’s apartment. Admission to the club is also difficult due to the security guards at the entrance. But when talking to a robot lined with cats, it shows that there is another way.

Upon entering , players will see many of their peers having fun, but not Clementine. Later, it became clear that an outsider was staying in another area of ​​the club. Before you finish, be sure to collect all your memories and scratch special stray items in your nightclub.

Clementine can be found in the VIP area of ​​nightclubs in Stray blazer. Players need to use one of the dancer’s hologram projectors as an elevator to go to the top floor. First, talk to the bartender. The bartender confirms that the blazer rents out the entire VIP area. This upset some customers. Then grab a strange drink sitting in the back corner of the bar.

How To Get Into The Nightclub in Stray

How To Get Into The Nightclub in Stray

If you’re trying to get into a nightclub but don’t know how to do it as an adorable stray cat, Carrots in Fallout 76 you don’t have to look anymore. Here are the exact steps to follow for easy participation: If you haven’t tried it yet, it doesn’t make sense to talk to the guards as the guards won’t let you in. You have to find another way to get in, and it’s through the back window.

When you see the nightclub sign (with the dancing robot Miko underneath), interact with all external robot NPCs to get information. Then use the narrow alley just outside the front door where you met the guards to go behind the nightclub.

You can see that you are in the right place when you see the robot sitting on the roof and moving its legs. Now you need to go to Lattekira, a robot sitting on the roof. Use the big pipe in front of him to reach the window. Interact with the robot Alex by the window and go to a nightclub.

How To Get Into The Nightclub in Stray

Where is Clementine Stray?

After talking to some of his peers, Clementine lives somewhere in a residential area in Midtown, the blue icon behind is the street name, the green dots represent the floor numbers, and the red dots represent the room numbers. You can see that there is. ..

What should I do after collecting all Clementine’s mystery messages in Stray? After all the clues have been gathered, the lost child needs to relay the message to B-12 to decipher what they mean. Clementine finds that the cat is in a midtown nightclub where she needs to go next.

How to get the Atomic Battery in Stray?

To get a nuclear battery, you need to weigh the two plates. Looking to the left, you can see another robot behind a safe wall. Therefore, use the first robot to jump over the wall to the platform. Interact with the second robot, pull the lever to open the door, and re-enter the room with the battery.

When you reach the end of the factory penetration in Midtown, after rotating the barrel through the red laser beam, you will find the Stray Atomic Battery Puzzle. You can see the battery, but it is sealed in a protective tube that you must open before you can access it.

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