What Happens If You Stab Gene High On Life

If You Stab Gene High On Life You may be wondering if you should stab Gene or not in High On Life. After getting Knifey, the talking sharp weapon implores you to allow him to stab Gene after the former abundance tracker lost him at gambling. This guide will show you what happens if you stab Gene.

High on Life is already making waves for its outrageous riffs on pretending games. Whether it be unlocking achievements for shooting a kid (don’t worry, he’s actually in his 30’s according to his mother) or getting encouraged by a divorce attorney as the player mindlessly blows away an ex’s mechanical sweethearts, there always is by all accounts a satirical play at work of some kind. If there’s a joke to be had, more than likely, High on Life is going to encourage the player to put it all on the line.

High on Life is an action-packed, alien-filled game that follows players’ adventures against various alien adversaries. It is a first-person shooter computer game created by Justin Roiland and published by Squanch Games. The game was only released for Windows PC, Xbox, and Xbox series X/S. You could wonder what the outcome will be if you stab a Gene. This guide will let you know what happens if you stab Gene in High on Life.

what happens if you stab gene high on life

Should you Stab Gene or Not in High On Life?

You should definitely stab Gene in High On Life. Splatoon 3 Festival Shells This will earn you the Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds You achievement, you would otherwise miss if you don’t.

There are no long term consequences to stabbing Gene. He’ll endure regardless basically shrugging off the blow. You’ll also get some entertaining banter if you decide to do as such. So it’s to your best pleasure that you attempt to discard common sense while dealing with alien life.

You won’t be able to stab Gene later down the line. So you might actually miss out on the achievement for doing so. Here is our High On Life Achievements Guide and How to 100 percent so you can take a glance at the list of achievements.

Does Gene Die If You Stab Him?

For those worried that High on Life’s decision-making could drastically alter the course of the narrative, fear not. Despite allowing for a wide array of dialog options, and unpretentious differences in the ordering of the player’s bounties, High on Life is a relatively linear narrative. Along these lines, stabbing Gene does not change a lot. However, if curiosity is peaked, this is what stabbing Gene will accomplish for the story.

How to Stab Gene

The most vital phase in stabbing Gene is clearly obtaining the knife. Knifey, as he is aptly named, speaks with an emphatic Australian accent, and it rapidly turns out to be readily apparent that he is a vocally homicidal item. Upon introduction in the Ghettos, Knifey will let the player know that he holds resentment against Gene for leaving him with 9-Torg. Fortunately, this means that the player shares a common foe in 9-Torg, so Knifey is happy to oblige in assisting on the abundance.

But Knifey is insistent that once 9-Torg is killed, Gene should be straightaway. Upon returning to headquarters, Gene is a bit surprised to see that the abundance was finished effectively. As he’s praising the player character, Knifey’s bloodlust begins to peak. It’s at this second where stabbing Gene will turn into an option.

what happens if you stab gene high on life

Can a stab wound kill you?

If it’d in the center upper stomach it doesn’t do any harm or didn’t for me. You drain and get taken to the hospital. They staple it shut and try you out. Golden Sheldon Tickets On in Splatoon 3 The staples hurt more than the initial injury. They save you there for 8 hrs to notice you and have you talk to a shrink rapidly.

They let you go if you say you’re fine now and don’t plan on doing it again. Everyone’s mad at you and dissapointed. Chances are it does get infected and the antibiotics they give you for it messes up your great bacteria in your stomach. You think twice about it because you don’t die and it simply screws everything in your life up.

In the abdomen you have the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, omentum, kidneys, bladder, sexual organs, and the veins that stock and run off of all these organs, the largest of which are the inferior vena cava and the abdominal aorta. You’ve also got the lumbar spine and the nerves that run inside them towards the back of the abdominal cavity, along with the skeletal muscles, fat, and skin tissue that encompass it.

Is it still survivable if someone were to stab you but take the knife out after?

Let the surgeon take it out at the hospital, it’s more probably they’ll have the option to eliminate it in a way that you can make due.

Attempt to impede or desert the knife as your attacker stabs. But primarily center around hitting your attacker in the face as hard as you can. It is virtually difficult to take control of a knife or a knife arm in a battle. Someone who’s really trying to stab you will either be sawing in. And out like a sewing machine or flailing and hacking ice-pick style. They’re not going to do a single push and hold it there.

In Krav Maga, the knife safeguard that’s taught is to hinder the principal hit and circle back to many aggressive punches to the head. And if you miss the primary block? Block the following one, if another one comes. But PUNCH THE FACE. An all out, aggressive attack is your most obvious opportunity with regards to survival.

Marines (and Law Enforcement) can see you better than I can about disrupting the OODA circle – but more or less. If you distract an attacker, it startles them psychologically and gives you an advantage in fighting back.

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