Where to Find Salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

This article is about Where to find salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. You can find salt in the second main region of the game, the quarry. At the point when you arrive at the main room, you should go to one side until you find the soft animals that are in the Great Forest. Eliminating them will make them drop salt and will streak yellow.

The contrast between the woods animals and the quarry animals is that the timberland animals will just drop sugar and the quarry animals will just drop salt.

Where to find salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Where to Find Salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Beside a couple of materials that can be developed or purchased, the rest should be obtained by exploring the different prisons and harvesting them from the climate or the foes. They likewise come in various rarities, regardless of whether they are obtained from a similar source.

Salt area in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

You will actually want to find salt within the second significant region of the game, the Quarry. Move to one side until you see the fluffball animals we found back in the Great Forest. They will be near the entry.

As opposed to overlook them, strike these fluffballs down. They will drop salt on the ground and they will streak in yellow. Take them out the ground to gather the important.

While these cotton-like animals with dim beady eyes drop sugar in the Great Forest, this variety diminishes salt instead in the quarry. We guess that these animals will be in each biome with various ingredients, so make certain to watch out for them.

Find Hogan

For instance, you can find Hogan on Second Street, right close to Rene’s Pawnshop. He’ll give you the Shop Quest Go Get My Treasure Chest! what’s more, he’ll task you to find his chest in the Great Forest.

To finish his mission Titan Nectar, first go to the entry of the Great Forest. You can choose to do the total way or skip regions by using quick travel. To go right to the point, get to the Cave Signpost.

The Trading Post Items

Assuming that you’re having inconvenience farming a particular asset or you like to exchange what you as of now have for another material, the Trading Post is the spot to go. Additionally, the main building will give you prizes for accumulating stamps.

Unlocking Weapon Shop in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Before you start on the way to unlocking the weapon shop, you really want to finish up to the Main Quest 6: “Inconvenience in the Quarry.” When you are on mission 6, follow these means to open the Weapon Shop:

While on mission 6, find a NPC called “Bertrand.” He will be on “Foreigner Lane.”
He will communicate he needs to open a shop and give you a Shop Quest.
To finish the journey, proceed to meet Isha in the Residential District Interior zone.
Get consent to open a weapon shop from Isha.
Get back to Bertrand and give him the news.

Where to find salt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising


Rising is as yet a pretending game yet it’s a lot less complex activity based title that is dubiously reminiscent of Vanillaware titles like Muramasa, besides without the amazing illustrations. Notwithstanding being intended as an introduction to the universe of Eiyuden there’s not exactly much going on, as far as plot or characterisation, that needs generally that much explaining but the game actually has a unimportant appeal all of its own.

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